Your most treasured photographs deserve to be displayed

In an age where we can open our Instagram feed with a swipe of a finger or easily access online photo albums containing hundreds of photos from anywhere in the world, physically hanging photos on the wall can feel like an antiquated practice. But we’re believers in not only capturing photographs of the most beloved people if your life, but also choosing to display them proudly on your walls. These photos are more than just a nice decoration in your home – we have 5 reasons for why hanging photos on your wall will truly make your life better.

1. Photos create stronger memories

The days are long, but the years are short. Memories that once seemed unforgettable can fade over time, but photographs have this magic way of taking you right back to that moment or feeling. We think documenting everything from daily, routine life to new & exciting adventures with your loved ones is an investment in your future self. The memories you invest in now will be the ones you’ll be able to look back on years from now.

2. They’re a daily happy reminder

Everyone experiences good and bad days, but gathering your favourite moments and displaying them where you’ll pass by often is an easy way to bring joy into your daily life. You don’t just have to save the professional photographs for big events. There’s always an opportunity to get everyone in the photo and capture magical memories, whether it’s a family reunion, birthday, or “just because.” Documenting life with beautiful photos and hanging them in your house to enjoy daily is worth making a priority.

3. Photos become heirlooms

When photography wasn’t as easily accessible back in the day, the few photos that were captured of our ancestors and relatives remain some of the most treasured possessions families own. Although taking photos is just part of daily life now, they’re no less important. Choosing to print photos that you love is what will tell a genuine story as this new generation of photos is passed down from generation to generation. We think investing in high-quality prints and writing notes on the back is a unique and simple way to bring even more emotional value to your photos.

4. Make your decor personal and unique

Anyone can head to their local home goods store and find eye-catching decorations…that could end up in your neighbour’s house, too! Your walls are a blank canvas, and we think filling them with priceless memories from every stage in life is the best way to make a unique statement. Make the photoshoot itself an enjoyable experience for everyone by choosing a photographer you truly connect with. You’ll end up with photographs that look and feel like your most beautiful and authentic selves.

5. Travel photos lead to more travel

If you’ve spent weeks or months dreaming up and planning your adventures around the world, don’t just document it with selfies and low-quality photos by strangers. Capture the magic of your trip with one of our amazing local photographers from around the world. By choosing to display memories from your trips that you’ll look at every day, we guarantee another adventure isn’t far behind!