Formed by fire and shaped by nature, Hawaii is truly unlike any place in the world. They’re islands full of rich culture, lush forests to rocky lava fields, glittering beaches, towering cliffs, cascading waterfalls and plenty of ho’okipa, or Hawaiian hospitality, that will have every traveler falling in love. With 8 main islands of Hawaii to choose from, there’s a special slice of paradise to be found for everyone. The only question is, how can you bottle up a bit of the island magic to take home with you? We have some ideas for unique ways to document your next trip to Hawaii.

1. Disposable cameras are back

Taking photos on your phone may be the most convenient way to capture your trip, but we think there’s so much more room for creativity! It’s time to throw it back a decade or two to the ever-wonderful disposable camera. Having a fixed amount of exposures on each roll of film will challenge you to be thoughtful with every shot, and the anticipation of developing them when you’re home adds a whole extra layer of excitement and fun to capturing your trip! You don’t have to stick with the cheapest option found at the drug store counter either, and we’ve got some recommendations! The Kodak FunSaver is affordable and performs well in both bright and low light, the FujiFilm WaterProof Quick Snap is a must-have for any underwater adventures (aloha, sea turtles!), and the Lomo 400 Simple Use is a bit pricier but can be reloaded if you don’t want to lug around multiple individual cameras. Of course, if patience isn’t one of your virtues, the Instax Mini is your perfect travel-sized instant film companion!

2. Photo scavenger hunt

A photo scavenger hunt is another way to add a creative perspective to each day’s adventures, and this isn’t just a game for the kids. Choose a colour for the trip, or even a new one every day, and challenge yourself to capture unique photos in a colourful way. One of our personal favourites is pink, and we already have some major inspiration to help us plan our next trip! For accommodation, the famous Pink Palace of the Pacific, or The Royal Hawaiian hotel, is what Instagram dreams are made of. From the hued building itself, to the Wes Anderson-esque beach umbrellas, to the famous pink pancakes… are you sensing a theme? Hawaii, unsurprisingly, also has a mouth-watering array of food. Fresh acai bowls topped with fruit, tasty poke bowls, and a box of strawberry-filled malasadas are a few pink-inspired foods to add to the list, and we think the rest of the rainbow won’t be hard to check off either. Let colour inspire how you view your surroundings, too! Maybe a pink surfboard will inspire you to take a lesson, or spend a relaxing evening learning to make a colourful lei or flower crown.

3. New perspectives

Challenge yourself to see Hawaii from a new vantage point. Fly over lush forests and past roaring waterfalls on a zipline, or experience sunrise above the clouds at the top of Haleakalā crater before a leisurely bike back down to town (seriously, you’ll barely need to pedal). Explore new terrain with plenty of hikes to choose from, or rent a jeep and drive the stunning Road to Hana. This 62-mile stretch from Kahului to Hana has an average of 10 turns per mile, and there’s truly something new to discover around every corner. Our talented local photographers are an amazing resource, too! From Hanalei Bay Beach to Shipwreck Beach, there’s truly no wrong choice. See the island through their eyes with a stunning vacation shoot with a Kauai local photographer, and leave paradise with the best personalized travel souvenir. Hang your favourites around the house, and we guarantee you’ll be saying aloha to Hawaii again soon!