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Meet Trevor in Honolulu

I am the most handsome, casual coffee-drinking, photography-loving, bearded Asian man you'll ever meet. I'm a wedding photographer at heart. The connection that we all share with our friends and loved ones are the most precious things we'll ever have in our lives. Laugh, love, be here. Be in the moment and let me take care of the rest.

Three Things

  1. I love to hike, swim, travel, and EAT! I would try eating anything....mostly anything. Have you heard of stinky tofu?
  2. One thing I can't live without is the people I have close to me in my life. And my camera. Can't live without my camera.
  3. My friends tease me about my beard, so I've started speaking wookie. *AUGHUAAHGUAHAGHUAGH*

Favourite Place to Shoot in Honolulu

The East side

Languages Spoken


More Information

Trevor has a minimum booking length of 60 minutes in Honolulu.

Pricing starts at $350 USD for a 60-minute vacation shoot

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Customer Love for Trevor

"Trevor was very friendly and patient with my girls. He was really able to get my daughter's personality out by having her do all sorts of fun things and did a great job capturing them in the photos. I also appreciated that he took us to multiple locations (all within walking distance with a stroller!) and got a variety of shots. We had such a great experience and would love to work with him again next time we are in Honolulu." - Tiffany

"Trevor is fantastic! My fiancé and I were a little nervous about getting engagement photos, but Trevor made us feel very comfortable the entire time - even cracking jokes! I highly recommend Trevor." - Amy

"Trevor was an absolute pleasure to work with! His easy-going and relaxed demeanor made us very comfortable throughout the shoot and allowed us to have a great time. Our photos turned out beautifully and Trevor managed to capture some great moments. We would definitely work with him again! " - Travis

"Trevor brought such a relaxing and easy vibe to the shoot, allowing us to really enjoy the shoot. Trevor was extremely personable and professional throughout the entire shoot and the end product showed just that." - Gen

"Trevor made both of us feel very comfortable from the get go! His directions were clear and concise and we are truly amazed at how well the photos turned out." - Sri

"Trevor was amazing. He wasn't afraid to try new things or move logs to get a great shot. My husband and I had a great time with Trevor." - Lisa

"You will not be disappointed. Trevor is simply just amazing. He made us feel comfortable, laugh, and captured some of our best pictures in the most beautiful place." - Vi

"Trevor did an amazing job on our family photos. Even with two children who didn't want to cooperate, he nailed it! He's laid back and went with the flow." - Jessica

"Trevor was prompt, responsive and fun to work with. I couldn’t have asked for a better photographer and photos." - Melissa

"Trevor did an amazing job! He made us feel so comfortable and really captured our personalities in the pictures." - Hayley

"Trevor was fantastic! He was so friendly and did a really great job making us feel comfortable and relaxed during our shoot." - Rebecca

"Trevor was by far the best photographer I have worked with ever! His photos and editing were all on point!" - Tracy

"Trevor was awesome! He chose amazing locations for our proposal shoot and we loved the photos he took!" - Wesley

"Trevor was lovely and made us feel so comfortable. The photos turned out better than I could have ever imagined!" - Emily

"Trevor was amazing! He worked quickly to build rapport and make us feel comfortable." - Ashley

"Trevor was excellent and made us feel comfortable throughout the entire shoot." - Amanda

"Not only are Trevor's photos great, he's also very accommodating and very easy to work with. I would definitely recommend Trevor to my fellow travellers" - Jade

"Trevor did an amazing job on our family photos. Even with two children who didn't want to cooperate he nailed it! He's laid back and went with the flow." - Jessica

"Trevor is a friendly and warm fella who takes awesome photos. He did such an amazing job and made sure we had a variety of shots. We had so much fun during our photoshoot, it felt like we were just hanging out at the beach." - Roger

"We were quite nervous about this shoot but Trevor made it so easy and effortless. Beautiful photos and new friends made, what a way to spend this holiday! Plus he gives great food suggestions too. Yes, you are the most handsome (and bearded) photographer!" - Madeline

"OMFG, you killed it Trevor! Every single shot is incredibly beautiful! Thanks so much for your patience and amazing captures!" - Jenny

"Trevor was really great and we shot in a few different locations. Trevor was super accommodating and kept thinking of different angles and he was open to other shots. We are so happy with the photos!" - Jenmy

"Trevor was very professional, knowledgeable about our destination and creative with the photos. He made the photo shoot fun and easy! We couldn't be happier with how the photos turned out and will cherish them forever." - Michelle

"I loved the pictures and Trevor was great!" - Alexis

"Trevor was so awesome to work with! He was very laid-back and made my proposal photoshoot very relaxing. He gave us awesome pointers on poses, but captured so many candid shots in between poses as well." - Karl

"Trevor did a wonderful job of engaging our family in a fun hour of photos, which is hard to do with a jet lagged 6 and 3 year old.  We got some great shots and can't wait to print them at home." - Daniel

"Trevor was amazing to work with! My husband and I had a blast shooting with him, he was such a trooper shooting in the rain with us and captured so many great moments. He was so funny and really put us at ease." - Angelica (see Blog post )

"Trevor is a fantastic photographer. He was fun, arrived on time, and made sure we got every shot we wanted. His idea to go to Lanai Lookout was awesome. We loved the view and would have never seen that if it wasn't for his recommendation. We had a lot of fun that morning and we completely adore the photos! This was really a highlight of our trip and I'm so glad we have these memories captured." -Kristen

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