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Meet Megan in Banff

Hey hey! I'm Megan and I help extraordinary people to tell their truth in an equally honest, vibrant and out-there way, so that they can feel that their photographs accurately reflect their personalities and season of life. My sessions are loud, energetic and REAL. My motto is, "go with the flow", and I’m a seasoned boat captain in the art of determining where your flow will lead us. I won’t have you stand this way, and tilt your head, leaving you to wonder where the heckeroni to put your hands. It's absolutely not about being photogenic, it’s about relationships, love, personality and moments. I'm proud to have been published twice in Today's Bride Magazine, and have been featured in the blogs of Confetti Mag, Love Inc Mag, Rocky Mountain Bride, West Coast Weddings and Wandering Weddings.

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    Languages Spoken: English
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    Favourite Place to Shoot: Lake Louise

Three Things

  1. When I'm not taking photos I love spending time with friends and family or meeting new friends at the gym or on hikes. I'm a little old fashioned (or at least trying to be) and try to stay away from the TV and focus more on personal growth and relationships. Okay, cheesy rant over.
  2. I can't live without good food. I'll always be scoping out a good place to eat or packing some sweets for the road.
  3. I almost never wear matching socks... more fun, ya know?

More Information

Pricing starts at $385 USD for a 60-minute vacation shoot

Megan is not able to shoot in Downtown Banff areas (Banff Avenue, Fairmont Banff Springs and Cascade of Time Gardens). Megan is based in Calgary and requires additional travel fees for bookings in Banff and Lake Louise.

Megan requires additional travel fees on the following routes:

Banff Avenue: 50 CAD

Cascade of Time Gardens: 50 CAD

Lake Minnewanka: 50 CAD

Bow Falls: 50 CAD

Fairmont Banff Springs: 50 CAD

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