Your Vacation Photographer in San Francisco: Meet Nicole

Meet Nicole

Your Vacation Photographer in San Francisco: Meet Nicole

Nicole requires a 60-minute minimum for bookings. She is also available for shoots in the Marin Headlands, Berkeley or Oakland.

I'm a short, curly-haired picture-maker residing near the ocean. I love creating pictures that show off people's personalities and all the wonderful places we go together. I have a background in photojournalism. Together, we'll photograph real smiles and laughs while we explore our surroundings.

Three Things

  1. I love to cook, try new foods, walk or run at Ocean Beach and explore the many trails between Lands End and the Presidio on sunny days.
  2. I cannot live without cheese! It's my favorite animal by-product.
  3. Even though I'm a super-visual person, I'm fascinated by linguistics, especially sociolinguistics, accents and dialects. When I hear an accent I can't identify, I always want to ask, "Where are you from?"

Favourite Place to Shoot      
It's a tie - Lands End and Presidio

Languages Spoken
English & a little bit of Spanish