While parts of Australia are battling devastating bushfires, the heart and soul of the country continues to shine.

From the unforgettable scenery to the unparalleled hospitality, Australia is the place to be, and your tourism can play an important role in recovery efforts.

In this vast and unforgettable country, the sprawling lands of Australia feel as old as time itself. This world-class tourism destination has the ability to capture the hearts of travellers, and it’s no surprise that it was listed as Travel + Leisure’s 2020 Destination of the Year. Whether you’re coming to swim amongst the grand beauty of the Great Barrier Reef, make friends with a few kangaroos, climb the sky-high Sydney Harbour Bridge or simply sit back with the best cup of joe around, Australia is ready and excited to welcome you into its arms.

Couple on the beach with kid in Byron Bay
Couple on the beach with kid in Byron Bay

The recent rage of bushfires has been heartbreaking to Australia, but through the devastation, humanity has flourished. From donations flooding in from across the world to small communities and individuals doing their part to help out, every person can make an impact. If you currently have or are considering booking a trip to Australia, we encourage you to get on that plane! “Whilst bushfires continue to impact parts of Australia, many areas are unaffected and most tourism businesses are still open. It is more important than ever that we rally around our communities and the tourism sector who may have been impacted,” said Phillipa Harrison, managing director of Tourism Australia, in a recent statement. If you want to donate, we’ve compiled some great ways to donate at the bottom of the post.

Wondering what you should add to your itinerary? While it would be impossible to list everything there is to offer, here is a taste of what you could experience on the trip of a lifetime “down under.”

Girl looking at the Sydney Opera House in Australia

Bustling cities

Aussies are known as some of the friendliest folk in the world, so you’ll receive a warm welcome in whatever city you choose to call home for a few days. From Sydney Harbour to Bondi Beach to every amazing spot in between, you’ll come for the experiences and stay for the people in Sydney. Australia’s largest city is overflowing with activities, but one of our personal favourites is taking the ferry from the harbour to Manly Beach, where you’ll get a truly unique view of the Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge and the skyline from the water.

Kiss sandwich family of 3 in Sydney Australia

Melbourne, voted the world’s most livable city, is a melting pot of diversity where you can delight your taste buds with world-class cuisine, shop ‘til you drop at trendy markets and explore the unique music scene and array of stunning rooftop bars. It’s also the city where the art of coffee-making will change the way you view your morning cup of joe. (And of course, you’re not a “true” Aussie until you’ve had a late-night “Maccas” run, sat up front with the friendly cab driver during your ride, or slipped a cheeky “g’day” into your daily slang.)

Get out into nature

Compared to the sprawling, buzzy cities of Australia, Cairns moves at a slower pace. It plays gatekeeper to parts of the famous Great Barrier Reef and many other natural wonders of the world. Spend the day under the sun swimming among colourful coral and elegant sea turtles, or strap on your walking shoes and take the Scenic Kuranda Railway into the rainforest.

Woman on Bondi Beach in Sydney Australia

Looking to take your trip even further? Take the road less travelled – literally! – by planning a road trip. Red Centre Way is a famous, 5-day drive where you’ll experience some of the country’s most life-changing attractions, such as Kings Canyon Rim Walk and Redbank Gorge pools. For many, the most magnificent part of this journey is watching the sunrise at Uluru. The world’s largest monolith comes to life in a spectacle of light at sunrise, and you’ll easily understand why Uluru is sacred to the Pitjantjatjara Anangu, the Aboriginal people of the area.

Are you ready to experience the incredible beauty of Australia? Our local photographers would love to meet you and capture your trip! “It’s been a devastating summer in Australia due to bushfires; however, it’s so beautiful to see everyone coming together to help and support the victims and the firefighters! Currently, Sydney is only affected by smoke haze so it’s definitely safe to visit our beautiful city where the Opera House and Harbour Bridge reside. You can help Australia by boosting our tourism industry.” Flytographer Yvonne in Sydney

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Flytographer is passionate about supporting our community and greater Australia, so any profits from Flytographer shoots purchased in January 2020 for an Australian destination (the shoot date can be any time) will be donated directly to WIRES Wildlife Rescue and the Australian Red Cross.

Koala bear in Sydney Australia

If you’re not travelling to Australia but looking to help relief efforts, consider donating to organizations such as GIVIT, Salvation Army Australia, and NSW Rural Fire Service, or wildlife rescue services such as RSPCA New South Wales, Port Macquarie Koala Hospital, Australian Koala Foundation and the World Wildlife Fund.

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