Every photographer is unique, but there are a few important characteristics they share that make them such fabulous members of the Flytographer community.

Travel isn’t always rainbows and sunshine – there can be stress, jet-lag and navigating through unfamiliar places. Top that off by trying to ‘look natural’ in front of a stranger with a camera; easier said than done. Good thing our team of photographers have done this before; “Flytographer captures a memory a minute” and with millions of Flytographer photos under our belt already, we’re here to tell you exactly what to expect from your photographer. Say goodbye to strangers and hello to your newest local friends!

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Easy-breezy personality

Our photographers are a curated group of professionals who have worked with a vast array of unique customers. Their job is to capture the true you! The way your nose scrunches up when you smile or the silly pose you do with your partner in every city you travel to. The way your kids run and play together or the special bond your grandparents still have after 50 years. Flytographer shoots aren’t about changing yourself to be a “certain type” of customer or fit into a mold. They know how to go with the flow and meet you where you’re at (toddler tantrums and all!) because believe us, they’ve seen everything already.

Big ears

Okay, not literally! Our photographers want to hear your dreams and inspiration for your shoot. They’re ready and excited to listen to your needs, whether it’s cracking jokes to create that candid laughter shot, hyping you up so you feel your best, or making sure you get the iconic photo you’ve been dreaming of since you bought your plane tickets months ago. These photos aren’t just for the ‘gram. They’re priceless memories you’ll be able to treasure for years to come. Taking a nice photo is something anyone with a camera can do, but capturing beautiful, authentic, once-in-a-lifetime moments? That’s where the Flytographer magic happens.

Creative artists

Gone are the days of the smile and “say cheese” photos. Think of your shoot as a collaboration with an artist. Their knowledge of the city and expertise in the art of photography, combined with your incredible spirit, joy and excitement come together to create magic. Every Flytographer shoot is unique because every partnership between photographer and client is a brand-new chance to create something amazing.

Fashion icons

You may see them sporting anything from the chicest runway looks (ahem, Paris photographers) to fanny packs, backpacks and harnesses with cameras swinging. They could be covered in anything from leaves to sand to snow to sweat to get the shot. Our photographers might not always be Instagram-ready, but they’re working to make sure you are!

Unofficial tour guide

Our photographers’ local expertise is better than any Google search or travel article because the streets you’re exploring are the ones they walk every day. While every photographer may not know the intimate details of each building you pass, they do know they best spots to eat, drink and explore, and most importantly, they can tell you which places to avoid! They love sharing their local expertise because they truly want you to fall in love with their city. It’s like having a built in best friend in every place you go. Because who doesn’t want to come home with a story about how “we spent hours at the best hidden, local spot…”

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