Top 5 Secret Gardens in London | LOCAL SCOOP

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With a skyline as vast and impressive as London's, you might be surprised to learn that green spaces cover nearly 40% of the city! The peace and quiet of London's public parks and gardens offer a much needed respite to the fast paced nature of city living.

With this week's post, Hector offers us his list of the top 5 secret gardens of London!


1) St Dunstan in the East - This tucked-away garden borrows its namesake from a medieval church, the ruins of which still stand after being bombed during the second world war.  

2) Kyoto Garden - Take a stroll through this secret Japanese garden and you'll encounter waterfalls, a small stone-lined lake, even the occasional peacock!

3) Parliament Hill - Located within Hampstead Heath, this hill offers views of central London that are not to be missed!

4) Hackney City Farm - For a true local experience, visit the Hackney City Farm, which serves as both educational resource and green retreat for the surrounding community.  

5Chiswick House Gardens - These restored 18th century gardens are a true urban oasis!  Marvel at the grand architecture and explore the hidden pathways that surround this historic site.

Ready to discover your own secret garden in the UK?