Move over Ross and Rachel, because these friends are truly iconic (*cue Friends theme song*)!

They stopped to smell the roses in Cartagena, embraced their fierceness in Guanacaste, shared laughs over mai tais in Maui, and created unforgettable memories around the world. These friends know that the magic of travel isn’t just reserved for couples or families. We guarantee you’ll be blowing up your group text with plans for a 2020 getaway after seeing our roundup of favourite besties moments in 2019.

Favourite Memory: “Exploring the city and checking out the restaurants. The food was amazing.”

Inspiration: “I was on a bachelorette party with 4 girlfriends. We were there to celebrate the bride.” — Anais in Cartagena

Favourite Memory: “Almost all of my moments with these friends is a favourite – but one of note was our romantic seven-course dinner on the beach, complete with our own private musicians!”

Inspiration: “We have been friends for well over 20 years and our children have grown up together. In 2015, we did a family trip on the lake in Michigan and had a wonderful time. Since then, we have committed to doing a couples’ trip every other year or so to spend time laughing, learning and connecting … even doing an annual yoga session on some trips! We have visited Napa Valley, Palm Springs and in 2019, the Cancun Jazz Festival.” — Stacia in Cancun

Favourite Memory: “Definitely the Dear Jack Benefit, but apart from that, we loved our photo shoot, Santa Monica, and all of the wall murals!”

Inspiration: “My friend and I share the same favourite musical artist, Andrew McMahon. Andrew is a cancer survivor and the founder of a non-profit organization, the Dear Jack Foundation. Every year, Andrew and the Dear Jack Foundation host a benefit. The location changes every year. This year it was in LA, which is what brought us on this trip.” — Lindsay in Los Angeles

Favourite Memory: “The whole trip was incredible, but my favourite memories were taking a cooking class at a chef’s home in the rolling hills of Tuscany and spending the day on a boat tour of Capri and the Amalfi Coast, swimming in the sea, and eating fresh-caught fish for lunch.”

Inspiration: “My friends and I met 10 years ago as roommates studying abroad in Siena, Italy. We decided to go on a reunion trip together back to Tuscany visiting Siena, San Gimignano, Lucca, and finally Florence. We also spent about four days in Capri which was amazing.” — Sheryl in Florence

Favourite Memory: “There was something so special and magical about nine busy moms being able to leave their families and home responsibilities to pay homage to friendship and celebrate themselves.”

Inspiration: “Our dear friend had planned a trip for all of us to the Amalfi Coast for her 40th birthday and we wanted to gift her a photo shoot as a birthday gift surprise.” — Maggie in Ravello

Favourite Memory: “So many good memories. We did so many fun activities including a Dodgers game, Disneyland, and hit so many popular beaches. One fun memory was popping a champagne bottle under the Santa Monica Pier.”

Inspiration: “My girlfriends and I have never done a trip together. After a rough start to all of our summers, we decided on a whim to go down to California to pick us all up! We had such a great time and shared so many laughs. Jenny captured our trip so perfectly. In all of our photos we just look happy, which is exactly how we felt the whole trip.” — Rochelle in Los Angeles

Favourite Memory: “We loved the Highlands! Hiking around the Isle of Skye was spectacular. The landscapes are simply otherworldly.”

Inspiration: “My husband Tyler and our friends, Tracy and Scott, have started a tradition of taking a trip for each of our 40th birthdays. Whoever is turning 40 chooses the location and this time it was Scott’s turn!” — Tyler in Edinburgh

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