You had us at Golden Snitch.

Even those among us who have never heard of Harry Potter (there could be some people?) can appreciate this next proposal in beautiful Banff, Alberta, Canada. The craftsmanship required to create such a delicately ornate ring box alone is impressive, but this story is a great example of how any proposal can be special.

You don’t need a helicopter, or a mountaintop in the Canadian Rockies, or a ring box made into a gilded prop from your girlfriend’s favourite movie franchise—although it helps—but the real lesson here is that a memorable proposal is one that taps into something unique to your would-be-fiance. Incorporating that extra personalized touch demonstrates that you truly know them and love them for who they are. Just ask newly engaged couple, Saket and Nupur:

Saket, how did you meet your fiance Nupur?

Nupur and I met in New York at Coffee Meets Bagel. She unfortunately went to Duke and I went to UNC, so our rivalry started early before we even met. We were together for about three months before I had to relocate for a new job. We made the decision to stay together and give long distance a shot. It’s been almost three full years of long distance so far, and we have one more year before we tie the knot.”

Is your fiance, perhaps, a fan of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series?

“Nupur absolutely loves Harry Potter and could quite possibly be the biggest fan I know. She has read all the books, saw all the movies as soon as they came out, and went with her dad to Harry Potter World, pretty much as soon as it opened. After she came back from Harry Potter World, seeing her face light up and telling me the story of how she beat out all the little kids at Ollivanders Wand Shop to be selected for the demonstration was the moment that made me start thinking about how to incorporate something Harry Potter-themed for her.”

What was your inspiration for the Golden Snitch ring box?

“I got some inspiration online from a jewelry designer in Australia who made a tiny necklace that could hold a ring, but then didn’t know how to get something fabricated here. My friend Julie Lee worked with me to design Nupur’s ring, and she said she could build it, and from there I left it in her hands.”

What was it about the mountain town of Banff that made you want to propose there?

“Nupur really wanted our engagement to be something for just us. I had been thinking long and hard about what I could do that would absolutely blow her away. We had talked about going to Banff, as the pictures were amazing from what we saw, and that pretty much set the location with the small break she had from school (one to two weeks). I took the ‘getting away just for the two of us’ idea pretty literally and booked a helicopter ride. I was looking at photographers and saw Flytographer as a way to get a great photographer without having to organize everything individually and it worked out perfectly. Our Flytographer Lyndsay helped be a part of the surprise and really made the day complete capturing the two of us in the Canadian Rockies.”

Will there be a Harry Potterthemed wedding?

“I’m not sure if we will do anything Harry Potter-related yet, but I am completely open to it.”

You can’t see it Saket, but our fingers and toes are crossed that you do! A sorting hat cake? Wand bouquet? Family toasts with butter beer? It would be pure magic. If you’d like to see more dream proposal photos, check our our top 20 proposal list from 2018

All photos: Flytographer Lyndsay in Banff, Alberta, Canada.