Every traveller has a story.

The excited parents from Saudi Arabia who couldn’t wait to show their young daughter the Eiffel Tower; the American couple who returned to the same restaurant in Rome where they dined during their honeymoon 40 years earlier; the couple from Tokyo who strolled the streets of New York City after years of saving and dreaming about it.

We have the best job in the world. Every day, our customers remind us how much JOY and LOVE is still all around us. It’s such a nice tonic in this complicated world we live in today (looking at YOU, 2016!). Each of our customers’ photos shows us, again and again, that, at the core, we are more alike than different. Love, joy, wonder, adventure, family, friendships – these are common threads that have no passport.

At Flytographer, we believe there’s something magical about travel, and that the world can always use a little more magic.

We’ve put together this video so you can share in the magic, too.

Nicole Smith

CEO & Founder,

p.s. Cheers to all the new friends we’ve made in 2016. Our global Flytographer family wishes you a healthy, happy, and adventure-filled 2017!