Meredith and Austin have made a yearly trip to Lake Como together for the past several years. So, when they decided to tie the knot, they just knew it was the perfect setting for engagement photos. Read on for more of their story, plus their favourite things to eat, see and do in Lake Como.

“We have been coming to Lake Como, Italy every year for the last three years. There have been so many amazing memories, it’s hard to narrow it down! One would be our engagement photos. Our friends and family back home don’t quite understand the beauty that is Lake Como. Why not use that beauty as the backdrop for some of the most important photos in our life?

“Marta really captured our personalities and Lake Como beautifully. On a whim, we were sitting lakeside in Cernobbio and saw a boat and thought, ‘How fun would it be to rent one?’ Because it was early April, we thought it was too early in the season. We called the number on the side of the boat and sure enough, we were able to take a boat out for a bit. It was just beautiful that day. The sun was shining and there wasn’t a cloud in sight. We got a completely different perspective of the lake and it was breathtaking! It’s not high tourist season in March/April so along with the commuter ferry boats and the occasional local on his fishing boat, we had the lake to ourselves.” – Meredith

Follow Meredith and Austin’s top tips for Lake Como:


“Enjoy a cappuccino or espresso at Bar Caffetteria Aurora in Carate Urio and watch as the locals start their day with a shot of espresso or a Scotch neat! One of our favourite restaurants that we visit yearly is La Loconda del Cantiere in Laglio. The building used to be an old boat builder’s shop and they did a beautiful job restoring it and keeping with the history. Not to mention, the food is divine! The owners are really good at recommending quality local products like wine, meats and cheese.”


“Get a boat! Grab some cheese and crackers and enjoy a snack as you take in all the beautiful little towns that make up Lake Como.”


“Flytographer was such a great service!  We decided to take our engagement photos in Lake Como since it holds such a special place in our hearts. Marta G was phenomenal! We had such a great time with her. She made us feel comfortable and at ease the entire time. I loved the way our photos came out. I would most definitely recommend Flytographer because it’s such a unique experience and these are the memories you will treasure for life.”

 Flytographer:  Marta G in Lake Como

Flytographer: Marta G in Lake Como

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