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Photographer Q&A Series: Roberta in Rome

“I love this part of my job, as photography doesn’t really make sense for me without people. It is a way for me to know better other human beings who always fascinate me, to travel and to be myself. This is what it means to be creative.” – Flytographer Roberta in Rome

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Living 30 Days as a Digital Nomad

“Have you ever felt the need to pick up your life and shake it out a bit? To lift up the rock and see what’s underneath? I decided this was the year I was ready to strip off my day-to-day routine and go skinny-dipping in the unknown.” Read on for our Global Recruiter’s story of leaving daily life behind and moving to Colombia for 30 days.

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Flytographer’s Top 10 Startup Moments of 2017

2017 was a big year for Flytographer – our team at HQ and abroad grew, we captured more vacation memories than ever before, and we received exciting awards and acknowledgements sprinkled throughout the year. Read on for CEO Nicole Smith’s reflections on some of Flytographer’s biggest moments of 2017!

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Photographer Q&A Series: Kate in St. Petersburg

“I think it’s important to embrace who you are rather than try to pretend to be someone else for the camera so I don’t like to over edit and prefer to keep everything natural. My favorite genre is street photography because it is completely unpredictable and unposed, so I like to use the same principle in my portrait shoots. ” – Kate in St. Petersburg

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