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Getting Away with the Girls to NYC

Looking for the perfect city to get away to for the weekend with your favourite ladies? Katherine escaped to NYC for the weekend with her best gals for some BFF bonding in the Big Apple. Read on for all the fun.

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Get Lost in New York with Flytographer and The Plaza

Are you ready to celebrate the magic of the Holidays in New York City? We are excited to announce that Flytographer is partnering with The Plaza Hotel to give holiday film fans the opportunity to have New York City vacation photos taken with the classic landmarks and backdrops of the most iconic Christmas movies.

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A Celebration of Sisterhood in Nassau

Ten years after pledging to their sorority together, these sisters headed to Nassau to celebrate all that sisterhood stands for. They celebrated empowerment, unity and so much more. Read on for what inspired them to take this trip together.

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A Shanghai Adventure Reconnecting with Friends

A trip anywhere is made even better when spent with good friends. Dana and Trish travelled to Shanghai to visit friends Robyn and Gavin after they had moved there. To thank Robyn and Gavin for graciously hosting them during their time in Shanghai, Dana and Trish decided on the best gift they could think of. Read on for the details.

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50+ Tips On How To Look Amazing in Photos 📸

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