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A Whirlwind Romantic Getaway in NYC

If ever there was a whirlwind weekend – it would be the one shared by lovebirds Katelyn and Kathryn! Escaping to NYC for a romantic getaway filled with fine food, Broadway, and TWO Flytographer shoots, Katelyn and Kathryn made memories that will last a lifetime! 

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Top 5 Romantic Spots for Photos in NYC Off the Beaten Path

Of Flytographer’s 70+ cities across the globe, these would be some of my first thoughts if asked which cities are most romantic for photos. I’m here to tell you that NYC deserves a place on that list! Sure, it’s crowded, and some of it is kinda dirty…but when you’re with a photographer who knows her way around the city and can pinpoint the best locations for romantic portraits, I think you’d be pleasantly surprised at what we can come up with!

So, here are my top 5 locations for romantic portraits around NYC

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NYC Escape… Before Life Gets a Little Crazier!

Jackie and Nick attended a wedding in Toronto and decided to knock something off their wish list: New York City! Leaving their two-year old at home with the grandparents (love grandparents!) allowed to them to get some much deserved time to themselves. Especially so, as there is actually someone else in these photos… Jackie is expecting baby #2! 

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