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Kimberly and her two beautiful kids pulled out all the stops to celebrate her husband Jason’s 40th birthday in New York City. They met Flytographer Samantha at the stunning Plaza Hotel, where they captured a few photos before heading into Central Park. With the sunlight sparkling off the snow, the iconic NYC skyscrapers in the background, and the loves of your life by your side, there doesn’t seem like a more perfect way to ring in a new decade. 

“The trip was a surprise for my husband’s 40th birthday, (it’s also our 10 year anniversary next month!). I gave my family each a special valentine card which was actually an invitation to ‘Dad’s 40th Birthday party’… location TBA… then I had them all guess where we were going. (My 5-year-old actually guessed!) I then I had a special Valentine cake with the Statue of Liberty on it, just to get them excited about the whole thing!
It was a very fun birthday – we got to do all of the top NYC sightseeing in Manhattan. My son said the glass top elevator at Rockefeller Center was the highlight for him and my 8-year-old daughter thought New York was generally ‘cool’.  Staying at the Plaza Hotel made the whole experience even more special!”
– Kimberly

Flytographer Samantha writes: “Kimberly and Jason have the absolute sweetest family! I love families of all kinds and Kim, Jason and their two kids were just such a breath of fresh air to photograph. The kids loved being around one another, had no qualms about the camera, and loved being in photos with their parents. You could really get the sense of their strong family unit. One of the reasons I love photographing families is that they are ever-changing: next year and the year after and so on their kids will look significantly different than they did this year. I think it’s just so special to have the ability to capture these moments in time for them – especially when they were such a dream to take photos of!” 

“Samantha was fantastic! The service from Flytographer made the whole thing a breeze! I would definitely use this service again… a great way to capture your holiday moments! We will always remember my husband’s special 40th birthday trip to NYC!” – Kimberly

 Flytographer: Samantha Margalit

Flytographer: Samantha Margalit

Happy birthday, Jason (and happy 10th to both of you)!
We’d love to hear what you come up with for Kimberly’s next b-day!