Soaking Up the Culture | London & Paris Vacation Photographer

When Zareef & Farrah choose holiday destinations, there are no beaches on their wish list! When you live in a beach town, big cities are the exotic adventure. As Zareef says, "Since we're from Trinidad in the Caribbean, sun, sea and sand is in no short supply! For this trip we decided to soak up some culture and get in a lot of hikes and day trips outside of Paris and London." 

The couple met up with Flytographers Julie in London and Gonçalo in Paris for picturesque strolls around each city's top sights. "Julie and Gonçalo were great. Julie was very warm and made the experience feel like we were just talking a walk and chatting. Gonçalo was very artistic and passionate about the photos. These were really the best souvenirs we could get." - Zareef



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