August 5 is National Sister’s Day. Here’s why you should travel with your sister.

Have a sister, sisters, or even friends who you’re so close to, they feel like sisters? Lucky you! You have built-in travel buddies for life! August 5 is National Sister’s Day and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate the ladies that mean so much to you than by planning a trip together. Here, 5 reasons you should travel near and far with your sister.

1. You know each other better than almost anyone else.

When you travel with someone new, there’s often a settling in period while you both figure out each other’s travel quirks. Who knows you better than your sister? No need to navigate the potentially sticky territory of figuring out each other’s quirks, since you’ve been dealing with each other since day one.

2. You’ll have each other’s best interests in mind.

Sure, there may be some compromise required from each of you during your travels, but you’re sisters. You know you’ll always look out for each other and have each other’s backs, and trust is key when choosing travel partners.

3. You’ll have time to REALLY catch up with each other.

Spending quality time together travelling is so much better than catching up on the phone. Immerse yourselves fully wherever you are by giving social media a rest and focusing on where you are, the new experiences you’re enjoying together, and being able to REALLY talk to each other.

4. You’ll deepen your bond.

Experiencing new things together creates a next-level bond. Whether that’s trying a new food, tackling a fear together, or crossing an item off your bucket list, sharing these experience will deepen your sisterly bond even further.

5. You will discover new things about each other!

Seeing each other out of your element will give you each even more insight into each other. Getting pushed out of our comfort zones forces us to learn new things about ourselves, too, and with your sister by your side, you’ll both be unstoppable.