The best way to bond with a sibling despite a significant age difference? Travel in Paris! The magic of the city has no age restrictions!

Amanda and her sister Rachel grew up not really having the time together most siblings do to bond, thanks to their 14-year age difference. As any good older sister would do (hint to all the big sisters out there!), Amanda decided time together to travel in Paris was just what they needed to really get to know each other. Read on for their story.

“My sister and I are fourteen years apart — she’s a senior in high school and I’m in my early 30s working full-time! I didn’t see her a lot when she was growing up because I lived in California and she lived in South Carolina. Now that she’s older, I wanted to have the chance to know her better. I LOVE to travel and I’m always looking for somewhere new to visit. I found a great deal on a round-trip ticket to London, so I hit purchase! I asked my sister if she would like to join me exploring London and, thankfully, she said YES! We then added Paris onto our trip. I also asked my coworker if she would like to join as her sister is eight years younger than her. They also said yes! The four of us planned a nine-day trip to London and Paris and, honestly, had the time of our lives!

“In Paris, my favourite memory was going to the top of the Eiffel Tower. On the way down, we stopped on the second level and got some rosé and ice cream. We sat down and watched the crowds below us gather as the Eiffel Tower lit up for the night. Being there in that moment and not having any care in the world, simply enjoying each others’ company, was my favourite part!” — Amanda