Vienna Flytographer Natascha shares her top 5 reasons to visit her gorgeous city all year round.

“I feel there still are a lot of clichés around Vienna as an Imperial city that don’t quite give justice to its contemporary vibrant side. Yes, there is a lot of culture, and everyone who wants to find Mozart in the streets will be met with a commercial satisfaction.

1. Vienna has tons of great activities for kids.

“But apart from that, there’s also the city that real people live in. Parks to enjoy with kids, the oldest zoo in the world in Schönbrunn, a children’s museum called Zoom.

2. Visit a museum perfect for film buffs.

“Apart from all of its museums, Vienna also stars the Filmmuseum, a cinema which exhibits films (two every day). A monthly program is dedicated to a genre or a filmmaker and always shows in original versions. It is one of my favourite places.”

3. Vienna hosts an annual film festival.

“In October, Vienna hosts an international film festival called Viennale which is just great.”

4. Relax in a classic Viennese coffeehouse.

“In fall and winter, classical Viennese coffeehouses such as Café Sperl or Café Prückel are a truly special visit. Lots of pastries and international newspapers make for hour-long visits while just sipping one espresso. Truly one of a kind!

5. Sample local wine made right in the city.

In summer, an absolute highlight is to visit a so-called Heurigen, where local winemakers serve their own creations. Vienna is the only city producing wine within its city limits. You can visit these places and sip the young wine of the season sitting in between vineyards.”

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