Talk about setting a great example! This mother-son duo celebrated two graduations in Punta Cana – mom with her Master’s degree and son finishing high school and heading off to college. Read on for more on their fun vacation.

“As a single mom, life can be a little hectic at times with raising a teenage son, working full-time and pursuing a Master’s degree. The last four years were pretty stressful. I wanted to celebrate our accomplishments as he goes on to college and I finally completed my Master’s.

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“We called our graduation trip a ‘retreat!’ A week after our commencement ceremonies, we set off to Punta Cana – it was the best vacation ever! We worked hard and played harder!” – Estela

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 Flytographer:  Alfredo in Punta Cana

Flytographer: Alfredo in Punta Cana

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