These best friends, who now consider themselves sisters, headed to Miami to celebrate turning 45! Friends since they were kids, these ladies have been through it all together. Serious friendship goals. Read on for more on their amazing friendship and their glam birthday bash photos.

“We have been friends and now sisters since as far back as the third grade. Our bond has only grown stronger over the years. We all graduated from high school together, but today we live in six different states: California, Nevada, Texas, Michigan, Georgia and Maryland. That doesn’t stop us from seeing each other at least once a year and connecting multiple times throughout the year, however.

“We have been there for one another through some of the most amazing times and, unfortunately, some sad ones, too. We have several theme songs, favourite movies and inside jokes that carry us until the next visit. We motivate each other through conversation, life experiences, and knowing one another’s goals so we can assist each other in achieving them and hold each other accountable when necessary. We aren’t afraid of disappointments or failures, we understand that’s a part of life challenges. We celebrate each other’s personal achievements, along with our kids, our husbands or significant others.

“As women, we don’t feel this is unusual behavior, however, when we discuss our friendship with others, we are often very surprised at their surprised reactions. We know we are blessed to have each other in our lives – we each bring our own special ‘je ne sais quoi’ to the sisterhood. Although we connect once a year for a girls trip, this one was the most special because we all turn 45 this year. (We even created our own hashtag – #45ine, exchanged gifts, got all dolled up for a photo shoot with our AWESOME Flytographer Kristina, watched our favourite movies, sipped on some Wet Willie’s Wonder Woman drinks, listened to great tunes at Purdy Lounge and toured the Everglades. We were friends who became sisters!” – Tasha

 Flytographer:  Kristina in Miami

Flytographer: Kristina in Miami

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