Who better to enjoy some fun in the sun with than your longtime BFFs? This playful quartet headed to Puerto Vallarta to spend some quality time together doing what besties do best.

“This was our first holiday with our very close friends. We were excited to share this time together and thought that Flytographer would be an incredible way to capture this special trip. We really wanted to capture our playful and fun dynamic and expressed that to our photographer. Spencer really got our vibe and we felt that the photos were also a perfect way to remember our vacation. This was definitely a great experience for us all!

“Spencer recommended a number of places to visit when we took a side trip to Sayulita. This busy town was a highlight of our trip. Spending only one day, it was really super to have recommendations from a local. It was a real time saver!

“Flytographer was a great way to capture a memorable souvenir of our first vacation with our close friends. We did not need to bring back any other souvenir – the photos are a great way to remember our holiday!” – Reesa

 Flytographer:  Spencer in Puerto Vallarta

Flytographer: Spencer in Puerto Vallarta

For the full details on where they stayed and how they spent their time in Puerto Vallarta, head to pages 86-87 of the inaugural issue of our first magazine, PASSPORT. We hope this publication will serve as yet another incredible resource for our customers, featuring gorgeous photographs, city guides and inspiring customer travel stories from around the globe.

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