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“I have always dreamed of a trip to Bali – it’s been on my bucket list for years. I don’t know what attracted me so strongly, but the 20 + hour flight from the US was always a fear factor. This year, my husband Kenneth (who also doesn’t love flying) said, ‘Let’s do it, we only live once!’ …and with his encouragement, here we are!

“We really loved the Uluwatu area, with its beautiful beaches and surfers. (This trip has made us envious of the ‘surfer life!’) What is so amazing about Bali is the small details that I have not seen in other countries: from the beautiful daily offerings of flowers to the gods, to the unique artwork, flower baths, to the ambience and lighting in restaurants. It has all been amazing! There is something interesting, unique and beautiful around every corner. Even the graphite is beautiful.

“Funny story: my husband is 6’4” and plays sports. It has been very interesting to see local people’s reactions to his size and height. I feel like I’m with a celebrity! People want to stop him and feel his muscles, kids give him high fives and many conversations have been started with us just based on his physique – all positive, but very funny to us!

“We had an amazing experience with Flytographer.  Since we always travel as a couple, we never get photos of us together – unless we ask a stranger, and you know how that goes…

We wanted casual, candid photos in Bali. Our goal was to get something different than our wedding photos, and we certainly did. Gusmank, our photographer loves capturing people as they actually are, not too much posing. He not only made us feel comfortable and took amazing pictures, but he also gave us some good tips on the area and ‘showed’ us around a bit. We really connected with Gusmank. We loved having a photographer that shares a passion for travel and who wanted to make sure our photos captured that love. We walked away from the shoot saying ‘That was fun!’ It was obvious Gusmank did his homework prior to the shoot.  He already knew some great places to shoot and then got some candid shots on our walk as well. We will look for a Flytographer in our future travels….. before we book, it may be a deciding factor on destination! – Maria

Gusmank told us: “I love traveling and meeting new people is an excitement for me. 

On the shooting day, the rain poured in the morning. The weather is so unpredictable recently, but magic happened and the sun start shining afterward. A big smile on my face…

I met the couple in their villa and decide to have a walk to Seminyak Beach. During the walk, we talked a lot about their trip and their experience in Bali. We shared a lot about traveling, and we were really connected. Because they already have good chemistry, I let them do what they were comfortable with and while we chatted, I just captured the moment.

It was a real pleasure to shoot this couple. And thank you to Maria and Kenneth for sharing about New York! I hope we can meet again sometime.”

  Flytographer: Gusmank Adhiguna

Flytographer: Gusmank Adhiguna

Maria & Kenneth – gorgeous photos to commemorate knocking one off  the bucket list! Can’t wait to see where your travels take you next! xo