There are few things as romantic as long distance loves reuniting in Paris. These two were not only able to connect with each other, but were also able to connect with family during this special trip. Read on for the details on Kayla and Ivan’s trip around France.

“Ivan and I met at a café in La Rochelle, a port city on the west coast of France, four years ago. No matter where our long-distance relationship has taken us since then, France has always been at the center. This year, I arrived to Charles de Gaulle on Christmas Eve morning to spend the holidays with his side of the family. I was absolutely giddy! We enjoyed Christmas and the days thereafter traveling from Orléans to some quaint smaller villages where his aunts and uncles live surrounding Clermont-Ferrand. While there’s nothing quite like the French countryside, we’d planned to spend the second half of my visit back in Paris.

“Our shoot with Gonçalo was set on a romantic foggy morning in Montmartre. Despite that we’d never taken professional photographs, he immediately made us feel comfortable and relaxed. Nothing was too contrived or overly planned – we just followed along a route that felt natural as we weaved around the early morning Sacré-Cœur tourists.

“My favourite memory from the shoot was when we were at Le Diplomate warming up with a coffee. French café culture — particularly the Parisian way of sitting side-by-side — has always given me immense joy. I love the simplicity of sitting down, people watching and just chatting for hours (even in the middle of winter, sitting outside is a must!). I’m so grateful that Gonçalo captured that special moment for us.

“We shot the day before Ivan’s 25th birthday, so I love that these pictures are a marker of that fleeting moment. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the Flytographer team for helping us capture the magic of this trip. I’m so thrilled to have photographs I actually want to print — how revolutionary!” – Kayla

 Flytographer:  Gonçalo in Paris

Flytographer: Gonçalo in Paris

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