“We came across Flytographer prior to our trip to Lisbon and thought it was a great idea to have a unique keepsake from our trip that we’d be able to enjoy and share with others. Plus, since I am the primary photographer on our trips, we generally have very few of the two of us together and none that are candid shots.”  – David

“We selected Orsi as our photographer and had such a great time with her! She took us through historic parts of town that we probably wouldn’t have explored on our own. The icing on the cake however were the pictures. Frankly, we were blown away! Orsi perfectly captured what we were looking for with this experience and created pictures we will cherish forever!”   – David

“This photo above was taken at an interesting place in Alfama called Garbags that recycles old pet food bags, coffee bags, and other disposable packaging and creates purses, messenger bags and other cool creations from the items that would have ended up in a landfill. Julie is obsessed with cats and found this particular bag that had a cute but portly cat that was apparently the target market for this low calorie food for cats with poor dental hygiene and poor urinary and intestinal health. Needless to say this made the bag all the more compelling and so we bought it!     – David

“We love to travel and try to take a major trip every year. This year we decided to hit some new countries in celebration of our 10 year anniversary at the end of the year. Our two week itinerary included Portugal (Lisbon, Comporta), Spain (Seville), and Morocco (Marrakech). We were able to soak in some history, sightseeing, beach time, and great food which checked all the boxes for what we wanted to see and do on this trip.”  – David

 Flytographer: Orsi Lazar

Flytographer: Orsi Lazar

“Our Flytographer photo shoot was scheduled for the second week of our trip, and while there had been rain off and on throughout our trip, this particular day was marked by some very heavy storms in the early afternoon that resulted in some major flooding in downtown Lisbon and also cut off power and water in our hotel. We were hopeful that the storm was going to pass, and just as we were leaving our hotel to meet Orsi, the storm subsided so we could walk outside and not get wet. Though it was humid from all the moisture in the air, we had a perfect window of time to get our pictures in before it rained again later that evening. We like to think fate intervened so that we wouldn’t get rained out for our photo shoot!” – David