Making a painting from a photo

The act of acquiring and hanging travel memories on your walls is a true pleasure in life. Whether you wish to start building a collection of landscape scenes from your travels around the world, or simply want a painting of your kids for the living room, you can turn your memories into a family heirloom with Paintru. Composed of a network of professional artists, Paintru will deliver your masterfully hand-painted photographs in 3-4 weeks. Explore some customer experiences below and get started!

Photo: Kimon in Santorini for Flytographer (photo taken in Paris)

Step 1: Book your Flytographer

Airplane, hotel, Flytographer. The first step is to capture travel memories with Flytographer when you are on vacation next. Choose from over 500+ professional, local photographers in over 350+ cities around the world. Browse portfolios in the city you wish to visit and submit a request today! 

Photo (above): Laura in Honolulu for Flytographer

Photo (below): Fernanda in Cabo for Flytographer

Step 2: Select your photo

Once you have a gallery to choose from, the next step is selecting your paint-worthy image. Here are our style tips on picking the painting that is right for you from your Flytographer galleries.

Selection tips:

  • Choose whether you desire a landscape or people photo.
  • If you chose landscape, pick a city photo from your gallery. You got it! Skip to the next section.
  • Selecting the right people photo of you and / or your family is easy! First, decide who you want in your painting. 
  • Next, decide whether you want the focal point to be either their faces or their bodies within the context of the background scenery. There are examples of both options below this text. You got it! Skip to the next section.

Photo (above): Diana in Cabo for Flytographer

Photo (below): Belinda & Tony in Las Vegas for Flytographer

Step 3: Order your custom painting

Once you have captured and selected your travel memory, the last step is ordering your artwork through Paintru. Upload your photo and choose from a variety of mediums including oil, acrylic, watercolour or charcoal. They will also provide the option to order your desired frame to come with your painting. After the artist has painted your photograph, they will send over your “wet revision” allowing you to make any adjustments needed before the paint dries. Paintru makes ordering a commission piece of artwork easy!

Create your photo painting

Turning your travel memories into a vibrant, wonderful masterpiece to display in your home is made easy with Flytogapher and Paintru. Honour your favourite memories from your travels with your loved ones and create a family heirloom to treasure for generations to come. 

Order your custom, hand-painted photograph today!

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