You’re going to have more than a few reasons to pack your waterproof sunscreen.

Whether you’re planning a warm winter escape ASAP or looking ahead to what to see and do with the family for spring break, here are some of the main attractions from California’s always sunny San Diego.

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Balboa Park

This is high on the list for most families because it’s not just a grassy reserve in the middle of the city, but a 1,200-acre park with 15 museums, gardens, waterfalls, big fountains, trails and oh, maybe you’ve heard of it, the San Diego Zoo. Entrance to the park itself is free, and there are eateries and coffee shops peppered throughout so no one’s resources will run low.

a family holding hands and walking down the street in San Diego, California
a family with two young children, holding hands and one child is being lifted, laughing in San Diego, California

San Diego Zoo

It’s world famous, it’s massive (with more than 3,700 animals)—it’s a must-see. And the whole park is designed for families with kiddos of all ages. Guided Inside-Look tours are small group educational sessions to off-exhibit areas. A Discovery Cart Tour is a guided (driven) tour that overviews the whole park, while an Animals in Action experience offers a once-in-a-lifetime (safe) interactive tour with animals up-close. There are shows, 3D experiences and so much zoo to see and do, including the Skyfari Aerial Tram that flies above the tree-tops!

Tide Pools

No one is too old for investigating and observing the strange lives of creatures in tide pools. The winter season brings low tides during the day so you and the kids can search the shores for big jazz-hands anemones, starfish, sea urchins, owl limpets, tiny crabs and more. Birch Aquarium leads tide pool tours near Scripps Pier, too.

mother with son and daughter holding hands on the beach in San Diego, California
A family standing under the boardwalk on the beach in San Diego, California

Old Town Trolley Tour

San Diego’s Old Town is a rich historical hub with architecture and sites dating back to the Spanish settlements in the mid 1800s. The city has preserved this area but it’s also filled with dining, entertainment and shops, so an Old Town Trolley Tour might be the best way to explore the Old Town Market and the Old Town San Diego State Historic Park, without having to worry about transit or parking.

mother and son having fun, looking at each other in front of a large window in San Diego, California

Sea Kayaking

For sea-faring families old enough for a bit of paddling, rent sea kayaks from La Jolla Shores Beach and explore the San Diego-La Jolla Underwater Park. Guided tours can take you past the area’s stunning sea caves, including Clam’s Cave (a popular hangout for loud and boisterous sea lions).

family of four sitting on a rock on the beach in San Diego, California

USS Midway Museum

With the Battle of Midway movie (Midway) coming out soon, there couldn’t be a better time to brush up on your World War II history with a visit to the USS Midway Museum. It’s not like other museums either, because your family gets to walk through the floors of a real-life aircraft carrier, sit in real cockpits and try out flight simulators. They also have a theatre with historical footage and more than 60 exhibits.

Professional Photo Shoot

You want great photo keepsakes of your children from your trip, but getting them to go along with it can be challenging (“Stop making that face,” “Don’t pull your sister’s hair,” “But I thought you just went to the washroom”). The good news is that our Flytographers are expert kid entertainers who know how to make the experience a fun activity for kids. 

 a family with two kids walking in Balboa Park San Diego, California
mother with her two children walking in Balboa Park San Diego, California

So not only will the young’uns not be bored, but you’ll all get to explore a new side of the city with a local, and you’ll get stunning, professional photos of your whole family to remember the trip by. Win, win, winning all around!

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