Family Fun Favourites

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We love capturing family memories and giving our customers a chance to do something really fun as a group that they wouldn't be able to do if mom was behind the camera! From frolicking on the beach, to recreating iconic images, here are some of our favourite family moments! Click on the blog title to read the full story.

Photographer: Katie Doherty

From playing on the Santa Monica Pier, to jumping in the sand, this family was having the time of their life as photographer Katie captured this family's vacation in sunny California!

Photographer Fran Burrows

Normally, we're the one's taking pictures during a Flytographer shoot, but when this budding photographer decided to take some snaps of her parents- we couldn't resist letting her get in on the action!

Photographers: Marco and Claudia Pauws

Boys will be boys! We loved seeing these brothers goof around with each other, while also throwing in some sweet brotherly love. This family played in the streets of colourful Amsterdam, and even gave Mom and Dad a chance to take some romantic pictures, too!

Photographer: Chelsea Warren

From their adorable outfits to their little fingers peeling into chocolate eggs, these kids warmed our hearts and put smiles on our faces! As this family enjoyed the Easter Egg Hunt at the Fairmont Empress, photographer Chelsea captured these sweet family memories in Victoria, BC.

Photographer: Hector Mora

This may be one of our favourite Flytographer photos ever! While taking his sons on a trip to London, this dad decided to recreate one of the most iconic images of all time - and we gotta say, we're loving this version as much as the original!

Where would you love to take your family this year?