She’d always dreamed of an Eiffel Tower proposal…and he made it happen! With a little help from her mom, Matt surprised Hunter with her dream proposal in Paris and if her reaction is any indication, he pulled it off without her suspecting a thing. Read on for how he managed to give her the ultimate surprise.


Matt and I met online six months ago. We quickly hit it off, so I booked a flight on a whim to Newcastle, England, where he lives, to meet him. We fell in love and he came to Florida to live with me! Once his three months in America were up, we decided to travel through Europe together for six weeks.


When we first met, I had mentioned that my dream was to get engaged someday under the Eiffel Tower in Paris. I never expected my dream Eiffel Tower proposal to actually happen!


For the last two months, Matt threw me off by changing the subject anytime I’d mention getting engaged or marriage. Meanwhile, he and my mom were planning my dream proposal with the most incredible ring (the main stone was from my mom’s engagement ring while the smaller diamonds around it were from my grandmother’s wedding band). As the trip got closer, he suggested we get a photographer (I’m a blogger so it wasn’t a surprise) for a little shoot. I ended up planning the whole proposal without knowing it. I saw Olga’s work online, fell in love with her style, and was thrilled that she was available while we were in Paris.


Thinking it was just a shoot for some cute Instagram photos, I went casual and wore an old pair of sneakers. The shoot was amazing. About halfway through, Olga asked us to do a pose standing back to back. I felt Matt wiggle and when I turned around, he was on one knee. It was the biggest shock of my life in the most magical way — I got my dream Eiffel Tower proposal! I am so happy it happened the way it did and the whole thing was better than I could have ever imagined.