Disneyland is designed to delight, and there’s no better place to get your whole family smiling. Whether you’re taking a once-in-a-lifetime trip to California or you’re a regular visitor, booking a professional photographer will give you a souvenir to treasure forever, without costing too much precious Disneyland park time. While it makes sense to buy a Disney PhotoPass—which is also included in the Genie+ service—Disney photographers only hang out at certain locations, and there’s often a line. By hiring a Flytographer, you’ll get a personal photo shoot and have more time for the rides. 🎢

We easily connect people with trusted photographers for fun photo shoots and have captured over three million memories worldwide. The magic of Flytographer is both the experience and the photos. Today we asked our local Disneyland photographer for the best tips to book your next Disney photo shoot. 💫



  1. Photo Spot #1 Disneyland Main Street and the Castle: Strike a pose in front of the iconic Disneyland castle. 🏰
  2. Photo Spot #2 Disney California Adventure Park: Discover fun and colourful spots across Disney’s California-inspired park.
  3. Photo Spot #3 Fantasyland and Rides: Check out these rides for unforgettable action shots.
  4. Before Your Photo Shoot: Preparation makes for perfect shoots!
  5. Best Time of Day: Avoid the crowds with these tips.
  6. Tips for Taking Photos with Kids: Bring out those smiles. 😀
  7. Outfit Ideas and Props: Dress up for the occasion.

Photo: Alvin in Anaheim for Flytographer. Jenn and family capture memories in Anaheim with a family photoshoot at Disneyland Main Street & the Castle.

1. Photo Spot #1 – Disneyland Main Street and the Castle

Disneyland Main Street U.S.A. is pure Disney magic. The vintage vibe, pastel palette, and live entertainment create a fun atmosphere for all ages. Inspired by Walt Disney’s hometown of Marceline, Missouri, Main Street is designed to whisk guests away to another time and place. Although crowded during the first and last hour of park opening, Main Street is a relatively quiet part of the park for most of the day as most people focus on the rides. If you can get the timing right (your Disneyland photographer will know best ✨), this makes Main Street one of the best places for pics!

Take the opportunity to buy a pair of Mickey or Minnie ears from the Emporium if you want to double down on the Disney theme. Matching shirts will also look great if you’re planning a family shoot and are a perfect souvenir of your trip. During the Christmas holiday season, you could also grab some handmade candy canes from Candy Palace as sweet props. At the end of Main Street, Disneyland’s iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle welcomes guests to the park. As the park’s centrepiece, the castle is a popular place to pose for a photo. This can make it tricky to get a picture without strangers in the scene! To avoid photobombing, head over the bridge to Liberty Square and then go left; you’ll find a great side view of the castle without people blocking your shot.

Photo: Alvin in Anaheim for Flytographer. Kate and family capture memories in Anaheim with a family photoshoot at Disneyland Main Street & the Castle.

2. Photo Spot #2 – Disney California Adventure Park

Disney California Adventure Park sits across from Disneyland, and you will need either a Park Hopper Pass or a separate ticket to enter. While Disneyland has the nostalgia factor, California Adventure has some of the most popular rides and tastiest food, so it’s worth visiting both if you can. 😋

The best photo spot in California Adventure is the Pixar Pier skyline with the Ferris wheel and Incredicoaster in the background. You can find a great spot for this view just across from the Little Mermaid ride entrance. Head over in the late afternoon as the sun goes down for a stunning “magic hour” shot! Colourful murals make the best photo backdrops. Check out the Cars Land mural near the Cars Land entrance, or the Web Slingers mural on the way out of the Avengers Campus. 

Photo: Alvin in Anaheim for Flytographer. Alia and colleagues capture memories in Anaheim with a headshot photoshoot at Disney California Adventure Park.

3. Photo Spot #3 – Fantasyland and Rides

Posing in fabulous Disney theme park locations make for great photos, but don’t forget the rides! The best part of hiring a professional Disneyland photographer is not missing out on a second of fun at the happiest place on earth because you’re behind the camera. Some of the best rides for cute photos are also the classics. The Dumbo ride, the Carousel, and the Teacup ride are all outdoor attractions with natural light that make great photo spots. These are great rides for a family session, especially with young children.

Toontown is another wonderful spot for photography. This primary-color-infused playground is full of whimsical spots like the Dreaming Tree, inspired by the tree Walt Disney played under as a child. At night, Disneyland transforms. Some of the best night locations are the castle, It’s a Small World, and the spooky Haunted Mansion in New Orleans Square. Over in California Adventure, Cars Land lights up at dusk with retro neon signs, perfect for a romantic stroll.

Outside of the Disney parks, Anaheim and the surrounding areas in Southern California have a heap of fun photo spots, so be sure to check some of them out during your visit. 🌴🌴

Photo: Alvin in Anaheim for Flytographer. Jody and family celebrate a birthday in Anaheim with a birthday photoshoot in Disneyland.

4. Before Your Photo Shoot

Here are some tips to get the most out of your Flytographer photo shoot:

  • Arrive early: Give yourself plenty of time to get to your location, so you’re not stressed or pressed for time.
  • Locker rentals: Lockers are available to rent on Main Street. Be sure to store your bags before your session, as you don’t want bulky backpacks getting in the way of your shoot. Your Disneyland photographer won’t be able to carry your stuff, as they are already loaded up with their own photography gear!
  • Plan your outfit: Amp up the Disney vibes with matching merch! Mickey and Minnie ears can be purchased from the Emporium on Main Street, or grab matching t-shirts for your group. See #7 for more inspiration! 😍
  • Disneybounding: Dressing up as your favourite Disney character is another fun way to celebrate your trip. However, be sure to stick to the rules. Adults in costume are a no-go as they don’t want guests being confused with cast members. “Disneybounding,” where you style an outfit inspired by a character, is acceptable (and fun).

Photo: Alvin in Anaheim for Flytographer. Brandi and friends capture memories in Anaheim with a friends photoshoot at Disneyland Main Street & the Castle.

5. Best Time of Day

Turn up early in the morning to beat the crowds and get the best lighting! Disneyland opens at 8 a.m., but guests staying at one of the on-Disneyland Resort hotels can walk through the gates at 7:30 a.m., 30 minutes early. Guests who book the earliest possible breakfast reservations at one of the restaurants can also enter the park before opening. 🥞

Our Disneyland photographer is an expert and knows all best the specifics when it comes to start times. ☀️ 

For more golden hour info, tips, and tricks, be sure to check out this post! 📲

Photo: Alvin in Anaheim for Flytographer. Emily and family capture memories in Anaheim with a new chapter photoshoot at Disneyland Main Street & the Castle.

6. Tips for Taking Photos with Kids

  • Prep outfits for the whole family: Matching outfits go a long way to making family photos look cohesive. Pick similar colours, a theme, or simply provide everyone with a pair of Mickey ears!
  • Plan a reward for after: The promise of a churro or a Dole Whip is usually enough to get everyone to behave for the photography session. 🍦
  • Let your Disneyland photographer work their magic: Our professional photographers have a lot of experience working with kids and will help make it a fun experience for everyone!

Photo: Alvin in Anaheim for Flytographer. Marcie and family capture memories in Anaheim with a family photoshoot at Disneyland Main Street & the Castle.

7. Outfit Ideas and Props

While Disneyland is nowhere near as large as Florida’s Disneyworld, at 500 acres it’s still a lot of ground to cover! Comfortable shoes, an outfit that will take you through the day (including when the temperature dips at night), and a bag big enough to tote all your snacks and drinks are essential.

Having said all that… dressing up is all part of the Disney experience! Take advantage of the lockers and bring a change of clothes for your photo shoot. That way, you can have fun with your outfit and still be comfortable for the rest of the day. Plus, it’s nice to have something dry to change into if you ride the Grizzly River Run later! Although costumes may not be worn by guests aged 14 or over due to Disney rules, it’s fine to style your outfit to resemble a character. You can also buy Disney shirts, hats, and sweatshirts from the store to wear. Props are great too! A Mickey-shaped snack, balloon, or (of course) Mickey ears make fun props for your photo session. 🎈🎈

Photo: Alvin in Anaheim for Flytographer. Audrey and family celebrate a birthday in Anaheim with a birthday photoshoot at Disneyland Main Street & the Castle.

Take Home Some Disney Magic

Our Disney Flytographer is a superfan, and he not only knows the secrets to taking great photos but also having a great time at Disneyland! Connecting with a local Disneyland photographer for tips on what to see, do, and eat is a great way to start your vacation in the most magical place on earth. Reach out to our resident Disney Flytographer and start planning your magical Disneyland trip! ✨