Capturing Memories in Croatia | Vacation Photographer in Zagreb

"We had spent nearly two weeks in Croatia, travelling from Dubrovnik, to Split, Plitvice Lakes and lastly, Zagreb. What an amazing country! We had a chance to see medieval cities, Roman ruins, majestic waterfalls and cool urban centres. Along the way we did get some photos of us together, by asking strangers and taking selfies. However, we really did want a few nice shots of us in this beautiful place. Wandering the streets of Zagreb, Mankica did a great job capturing the fun we were having discovering our last stop on an unforgettable trip! Flytographer provides an invaluable service for families, friends and groups that want to capture a few moments away from home."

"We're not typically 'photo shoot' people, and I was on the fence about booking this shoot just based on our schedule, but we're so glad we did. I'll definitely be booking the service for future vacations, and getting some gift cards for friends in the future!" - Charishe


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