“I loved introducing my eight year old daughter to Paris and nurturing her love of art.
If you asked my daughter what her trip highlight was, she would say the Eiffel Tower, I would have to say walking the streets of Paris as the sun was setting.”
– Cody

“With Flytographer I didn’t have to worry about capturing that one great shot where everyone was smiling and in the moment. Our photographer was awesome, she made the experience fun for the whole family. A day after the shoot I received a link to my photos and was able to enjoy the rest of my vacation knowing I already had photos that captured the spirit of our vacation.”
– Cody

“Lucille was awesome, she made people who typically feel awkward in front of the camera, feel comfortable in a very public setting.”

 Flytographer: Lucille Caballero

Flytographer: Lucille in Paris

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