Are your travel photos falling flat? Follow our top 5 tips to up your game on Instagram!

 Flytographer:  Silvia in Amsterdam

Flytographer: Silvia in Amsterdam

1. Get up early

Rule Number One: If you want amazing travel photos without other tourists in your shot, you must set your alarm for daybreak. We know, it hurts to do this on your holiday, but the reward will be worth it, and you can always catch up on your sleep the next day!

 Flytographer:  Siza for in Venice

Flytographer: Siza for in Venice

2. Invest in editing apps

It’s true, your phone comes with a standard set of editing tools … but for a few dollars, you can really make your snaps look pro. Composing a great photo is half the battle – the other half is nailing the editing – and apps like VSCO or Adobe PS Express can get you the desired look in a few quick taps.

 Flytographer:  Mary & Maurizio in Amalfi Coast

Flytographer: Mary & Maurizio in Amalfi Coast

3. Straighten your horizons

To really set yourself apart from the amateurs, make sure your horizons are straight! Lines are usually off for most people as they shoot and need to be corrected later. Go into the crop or straighten function in your editing applications; a grid will appear. Use these gridlines to fix the lines in your photo.

 Flytographer:  Sarah in Berlin

Flytographer: Sarah in Berlin

4. Tell a story

To really create a compelling photo, tell the story behind the shot! Telling a good story draws people in on an emotional level and makes things relatable. What was happening around you when you took the shot? Were you reminded of something as you clicked the shutter? Your caption doesn’t need to be long … so much can be said in only 2 or 3 sentences.

 Flytographer:  Lyndsay in Lake Louise

Flytographer: Lyndsay in Lake Louise

5. Become the Master of Hashtags

People use hashtags to discover new images of things they are interested in, so be creative and specific when crafting yours. A few etiquette points for hashtags:

  • Do not string together a big pile of words, as this is way too hard to read and therefore annoying. #nobodyhastimetopuzzleoutwhatyouaretryingtosay! Keep your hashtags short and legible, and always spell them correctly.
  • Only use hashtags that relate to your post. Don’t spam your post with every hashtag you can think of or it dilutes your content. Curate your tags the same way you curate your images.
  • Use hashtags to tell people your location, any business names or recommendations that are relevant, or events that you are attending to increase engagement with others who may also be there.
  • If you are using new hashtags, it’s a good idea to check first what other images are using the same tag. Sometimes the tag you want to use doesn’t mean what you think it means in the IG world! 


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