Krakow Photo Spots

After Warsaw, Krakow is the second largest city in Poland, but it is most definitely the Polish culture capital—and one of the most beautiful places in Central Europe. With its history spanning thousands of years, this beautiful city has seen both triumphs and tragedies and boasts a medieval charm mixed with a modern, hip vibe. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Krakow old town itself is an Instagrammable wonderland with countless photo locations, major tourist attractions, and hidden gems. Elsewhere, there’s no shortage of amazing things to do in Krakow. Thinking of photo opportunities? Guess what, so are we! Here’s our list of the top five places to take photos in Krakow. 🇵🇱

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  1. Main Square: The largest medieval square in Europe, a lively hub of history and activity that’s the heart and soul of Krakow.
  2. Wawel Castle Grounds: A symbol of Krakow, this former royal castle is now Poland’s prime museum and architectural landmark.
  3. Krakow’s Old Town: A treasure trove of cultural gems where one can get lost in charming cobblestone streets and admire stunning architecture.
  4. Street Art Tour: A must-do while in town if you’re into mind-blowing (and sometimes controversial) art and want a riot of colour in your photos.
  5. Vistula River: The banks of this important river offer promenades with stunning views and lots of activities.

Photo: Marta in Krakow for Flytographer. Annie and partner capture memories in Krakow with a vacation photoshoot in the Main Square.

1. Main Square

The Main Market Square in Krakow, also known as the Rynek Główny, is not only the largest medieval town square in Europe but also the heart and soul of the city. The square is a bustling hub of activity featuring many cafes, pubs, museums, and landmarks. At the centre of it all stands the Sukiennice Cloth Hall, also known as the Krakow Cloth Hall, a building that dates back to the 14th century. The hall was originally built with just a roof over two stalls and has since been extended and rebuilt in various styles, including Gothic and Renaissance. Don’t miss its charming arcade—a stunning background for photos. 😉

On the opposite side of the square, the Town Hall Tower looms large. Leaning nearly half a metre to the east, this is the city’s answer to Pisa’s leaning tower, except that visitors can climb it for magnificent panoramic views of the main market square. At the northeast corner of the square, the towering Gothic spires of St. Mary’s Basilica rise up. The building’s architecture is a piece of art, but what’s most intriguing about St. Mary’s Church is that every hour, a single trumpeter plays the famous Hejnal Mariacki tune from atop its tallest tower. 🎺 You’ll notice the tune is short. That’s because it pays homage to the legendary Polish townsman who warned the city of an impending Mongol attack in the 13th century. Although Krakow was saved, the trumpeter was sadly shot in the neck and the tune was cut short.

Another famous landmark in the square is the sculpture called “The Head” in the western corner. It’s a popular meeting place for locals and it’s where you can take the best Instagram photos. After exploring this important part of Krakow, it’s always nice to pick one of the umbrella-shaded cafes surrounding the square, sip a cool Polish beer, and indulge in the world-famous Polish pierogi. 😋

Photo: Marta in Krakow for Flytographer. Annie and partner capture memories in Krakow with a vacation photoshoot in the Main Square.

2. Wawel Castle Grounds

Exuding a great sense of history and culture, the Wawel Royal Castle is a symbol of Krakow and one of the best places to take photos in Krakow. Built on Wawel Hill on the left bank of the Vistula River, this fortified residence has been enlarged over the centuries to comprise many buildings representing nearly all European architectural styles, from Medieval to Renaissance and the Baroque periods. 😍

Once the seat of royalty, today the castle is the country’s premier art museum, housing everything from Italian Renaissance to Oriental art. A must-see is the Wawel Cathedral where Polish monarchs were crowned and buried. Other highlights include the opulent state rooms, the royal apartments, and the royal gardens. 🌳 The latter boasts spellbinding backgrounds for photos. However, the true showstopper is the majestic Italian-style courtyard of the castle. Just imagine the royal processions, tournaments, and pageantry held there for centuries. Just don’t get too lost in your imagination and forget to take some amazing pics in this Polish gem. 😉

Photo: Marta in Krakow for Flytographer. Eric and partner celebrate a proposal in Krakow with a proposal photoshoot.

3. Krakow’s Old Town

Krakow’s historic old town is a treasure trove of cultural gems—from its architectural masterpieces to charming cobblestone streets, literary cafes, and legendary cellar bars. It will be difficult not to fall in love with this part of town. With so much to see, sometimes it’s difficult to choose where to start. Here’s a tip: follow the coronation path of Polish kings from the past through the Royal Route. 👑 Begin at St. Florian’s Gate, the Gothic tower that marks the entrance of the old town. Then head to Florianska Street, Krakow’s busiest street, and soak in the lively atmosphere. Take a slight detour to check out the eclectic facade of the Juliusz Słowacki Theatre before making your way to St. Mary’s Church. Walking tours depart every day at regular intervals from outside the church, and this is probably the best way to uncover the hidden gems and histories of this remarkable neighbourhood. 👍Speaking of hidden gems, Metrum Restobistro is a charming student restaurant on the sixth floor of the Krakow Music Academy. It boasts two rooftops from where you’ll get beautiful views of the old town.

Surrounding Krakow’s old town and occupying the area where the city’s wall once stood, Planty Park is a lush heaven and one of the best places to take pictures in Krakow. Besides the towering pine trees and gorgeous flower beds, the park is famous for being a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of the old town. Another unmissable place in the historic district is Jagiellonian University, the second oldest university in Central Europe. A visit to the university’s incredible library, lecture hall, and museum are highly recommended. The last one guards the world’s oldest globe known to depict the Americas. 🌎

Photo: Marta in Krakow for Flytographer. Heather and family capture memories in Krakow with a vacation photoshoot.

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4. Street Art Tour

Whether on a guided tour or independently exploring, gawking at the creative murals of Krakow is one of the best things to do in the city. Street murals made by artists from all over the world make Krakow even more photogenic, and they create a pleasant contrast with the medieval vibes. You can find one in almost every corner, but the best street art in Krakow is found in the neighbourhoods of Kazimierz, the Jewish quarter, and Podgórze. 🎨

In Kazimierz, the must-sees are the Kazimierz Historical Mural by Piotr Janowczyk, featuring portraits of historical figures from Krakow, and the massive Epharaim Moses Lilien dedicated to the Bosak Family, a Jewish family who lived in Kazimierz for 300 years until WWII. 😮 Besides the artsy vibes, Kazimierz has been an important centre of Jewish culture for 500 years, and a stroll through Szeroka Street is a must-do to admire old synagogues, mansions, and some of Krakow’s oldest buildings.

From Kazimierz, you can cross the famous Father Bernatek footbridge and reach Podgórze, where more stunning murals will bring a splash of colour to your pics. On your Podgórze list of street art you should include “Ding Dong Dumb” by BLU, the most controversial mural in the city, and “Think: Literature” by Filip Kuźniarz, which anticipates the eventual domination of machines over humankind. 🤖 While in the area, make sure to visit St. Joseph’s Church, dominated by an 80-metre clock tower. Its majestic presence will leave you awestruck.

Photo: Agnieszka in Krakow for Flytographer. Ina captures memories in Krakow with a vacation photoshoot.

5. Vistula River

Stretching from Krakow all the way up to Warsaw, the Vistula River is like an artery for Poland, which is why it’s called the Queen of Polish rivers. The riverbanks have become a major tourist attraction, thanks to their scenery, making it one of the best places to take photos in Krakow. 👌

The Vistula Boulevards offer a promenade with stunning views of the river and are popular with both tourists and locals alike for activities like swimming, walking, and bike tours. 🚲 Especially in summer, restaurants, cafes, and bars are bustling with people as long as the sun is out. Wherever you go in the park, you’ll find a great spot to lie back and relax under the sun while soaking up the pleasant views of the riverside. ☀️

Another way to explore the Vistula is by jumping on a boat. Hour-long cruises depart from below Wawel Castle Hill. The Father Bernatek footbridge is another sight to behold with its distinctive curved form and hanging art sculptures. The bridge gets even more picturesque at night when it’s lit up by LED lights, making it the perfect stroll for a nice evening out! 🌃

Capturing Memories in Krakow

As we mentioned before, Krakow’s history has had its fair share of ups and downs, and unfortunately, one of the downs was its time under Nazi occupation. Poland does an excellent job of preserving historical sites that serve as a memorial to this tragic history, such as the old Oscar Schindler’s factory, and the Auschwitz-Birkenau memorial. The latter, about an hour from the city centre, offers a sobering and impactful insight into the horrors of the Holocaust. While respectful photography is allowed, the memorial is not a place for silly poses, but a space for contemplation and reflection. 🕯️

On a lighter note, the Wieliczka Salt Mine is another massively popular attraction that is easily reachable from Krakow. It’s a subterranean labyrinth of passages and chambers that includes an underground lake and chapels, including a salt cathedral with chandeliers and statues.

Before you take off on your trip, check this local travel guide with more tips about the city. Wherever you go in Krakow, reach out to one of our local Flytographers and let them capture your great memories in this fantastic European destination. 💙