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Prepare to have your breath taken away- these photos are stunning! Ann-Sophie and Stephan started out their backpacking trip around the continent with a stop in Cape Town, South Africa. Flytographer Ronel captured these amazing, loved up pictures of the couple as they began their first trip together- a trip that ended as a family! Take a read through to find out more about this exciting adventure!

“Nearly everything about our trip was a highlight and each day was unique and perfect itself. The whole trip was amazing. The people, the food, the weather, the landscape, the parties. There is so much stuff to do and explore in South Africa! We will be back for sure.” – Ann-Sophie

“By looking at the pictures you can feel the love and happiness we felt! We are so glad to have these moments captured.” – Ann-Sophie

“We started the trip as a couple and ended as a family. Not to say that Ann-Sophie got pregnant- but that we picked up a great guy and travelled along with him for almost the whole trip!” – Stephan

“It was on day 5. We just had 4 days in Cape Town before we came to Stellenbosch. At the first evening after dinner we got back to our hostel and had a little chat and a cool drink with some guys that were also staying at this place. It turns out that Vico planned nearly the same route on the Garden Route by bus. We only knew him for about 20 minutes and I just said: ‘Why don t you just hop on in our car and come with us ?’

So the next day we had the wine tasting tour together and afterwards a big night out. The next day, he was sitting in the back seat of our car- and it stayed that way for the next 9 days. I have no idea how time went by so fast! We had so much fun and it felt really natural travelling together. It was our first holiday as a couple but it just happened to be a family trip then! We travelled Wilderniss, Knysna, Outshorn, Mossel Bay, Plett, and Nature Valley together and had the best time. When we had to separate  I even had tears in my eyes.” – Ann Sophie