How does one make an Italian vacation truly unforgettable? Popping the question in Venice is a pretty good start . . .

Dating since high school with ups, downs, and long-distance in between, Brandon always knew that Jen was the one. When they began planning a long-anticipated Italian vacation, he knew Venice was where the magical proposal moment had to happen. Read on for the details of Brandon and Jen’s intimate Venice proposal and see how the talented vacation photographer, Siza was able to capture it all.


“Jen and I have known each other since middle school. We started dating our senior year of high school — it was the typical football player/cheerleader captain relationship. I told her that I loved her after we’d only been dating for two weeks, but then we graduated and went to different schools. We tried to make it work, so we spent the first year taking turns riding buses to each other’s colleges before I decided to transfer. The next three years were spent together, but when we graduated, I accepted a job in Mexico. We were separated for over seven months before finally seeing each other again. Now, we share an apartment and a 6-month-old puppy and life couldn’t be better.”


“We had been planning a trip to Italy for almost two years. I wanted to propose in Venice because I had heard how beautiful the city was and I knew she would love all of the canals and waterways. I made sure Venice was the first stop on our Italian vacation because I didn’t trust myself to keep it a secret any longer.”


“We took a gondola ride through Venice and shared a kiss as we passed under the Bridge of Sighs. After the ride, we stopped off at a secluded spot in Dorsoduro near the Basilica di Santa Maria where we were able to enjoy the view of San Marco and watch the boats sail by. As I pulled the ring from my pocket and got down on one knee, the look on Jen’s face was priceless. I’d say that I’ve known she was ‘the one’ since I was 17 years old and over the last eight years that has been reaffirmed time and time again. It was as if our long journey had finally paid off and now we could start planning the rest of our lives together, as opposed to just dreaming of it.” — Brandon