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Newlyweds Jesana & Ivan spent time during their recent trip to Tokyo exploring the historic Kagurazaka neighbourhood. Famous for its pre-war eclectic cultural mix (think: literary and artistic celebrities living amongst Buddhist monasteries and geisha houses), Kagurazaka now boasts an array of boutique shops and unique eateries within its many tiny lanes. Jesana & Ivan, who professed to us their love of music, fashion and sushi (not necessarily in that order!), indulged in the sights, sounds and tastes of this diverse neighbourhood, one that Flytographer Waki is proud to call home.

"We love Japanese culture and sushi! Fun story: we ate at an automatic sushi restaurant.

"Waki was very kind to us - she helped everything to be perfect. We are so happy with the results." - Ivan

Flytographer: Waki in Tokyo