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Boston is a city close to the hearts of Joe and Amy – which made it the perfect location for their surprise proposal! The following day, they celebrated by visiting the highlights of the city near and dear to them, as they reminisced on their past, and looked towards the next chapter of their loves! Flytographer Sabine captured these sentimental pictures, and truly captured the essence of the love these two share!

Amy: “Boston has always been, and now more than ever, a full-circle place for us.  I said to Joe during our magical weekend, as we walked hand-in-hand down the Boston streets that “we have our mark on this town.”  The lovely engagement photos were another wonderful surprise after a magical proposal at the Top of the Hub restaurant in the Prudential Tower the night before.”

Amy: “We arranged for shots in all of those favorite places: the beautiful streets of Beacon Hill, the towering Prudential Building with the Top of the Hub lit at the top, are beautiful echos of our past and our growing romance.  Our past that includes Beacon Hill, where we walked and laughed, kissing on street corners or ducking in to quaint coffee shops; the Prudential Tower where we dined together at the Top of the Hub and danced to the sounds of the Steve Soares jazz trio among the twinkling Boston lights, or the Public Garden Footbridge, where we stopped to kiss (a tradition of ours to always kiss on bridges) in the cold winter chill; all places that are marked with our love, our love of life, and sense of adventure.”

 Amy: “The town is special and made more so by capturing those moments through Flytographer.  Sabine was a keen observer as she captured our loving reminiscing of not only our past trips to Boston and our little corners of the world reflected in the beautiful nooks of Acorn Street or among the Public Garden’s bloom.  Our experience was flawless and also, in a way, heartfelt.  Sabine became our confidant as we talked about our history and being the love of each other’s lives, of our engagement and capturing those moments with her other “ear” – the camera; listening to our smiles and looks, our kisses and nuzzles.  Sabine composed not only beautiful pictures, but mini-stories captured in every frame as an artist behind the lens, showing the very essence of our connection among the beautiful Boston scenery.”

Joe: “The way we got engaged at the Top of the Hub is that I got the jazz club in the lounge to bring Amy up as a surprise to sing a song. (She’s a singer and a very talented one – a bucket list dream of hers to sing with a group like that and a venue on the 52nd floor with 360 view of the nightsky in Boston). I had prearranged with them to offer a one time chance for a patron to sing. She had no clue she would be singing or WHAT she would sing. She sang “At Last”, the Etta James classic, one I knew she knew well, and afterwards, I took the mic and instead of just wishing her Happy Birthday, got down on a knee, said my heartfelt speech, and presented the ring. Place went wild.” You can watch Amy and Joe’s amazing proposal video HERE!

Joe: “Our experience with Flytographer was flawless.  Engaging with the company and the photographer from conception to the photo session was a great experience.  Our photographer in Boston, Sabine, was terrific.  She offered suggestions on locations, listened to our needs, and was well prepared for weather contingencies. Our engagement photos were returned soon after our session and the best of the group of pictures were precious.”

Joe: “The locations like Public Garden and Acorn Street are very special, especially during Spring to Fall.  Having stops during a trip to Boston must include Quincy Market, boatride on the harbor, Beacon Hill, Newbury Street, tour buses, Boston Tea Party Museum, and of course Top of the Hub in the Prudential Tower.”

 Flytographer: Sabine in Boston

Flytographer: Sabine in Boston