You’ve decided it’s time to make things official and put a ring on it – congratulations! Planning a proposal can feel overwhelming, but don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with a super simple, step-by-step guide to planning the perfect proposal.

 Flytographer Vito in Venice Flytographer Vito in Venice

1. Decide whether or not to ask for a blessing.
Some people are super traditional and others prefer to throw tradition to the wind. Depending on the situation, you’ll probably want to seek some kind of blessing from a close family member or friend. Traditionally, the father or the parents of the bride are the ones to give this, but your best bet is to seek it from your honey’s closest family member. And if your future bride or groom is of the untraditional variety, feel free to ask a close friend or skip this entirely. It’s your proposal and wedding, after all, so it should be unique to YOU.

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2. Choose a meaningful location.
The location you choose can elevate your proposal to memorable, meaningful, and epic. So, choose wisely. This doesn’t mean you have to fly your sweetheart to the Eiffel Tower. (Of course, we don’t think anyone would complain if you did.) Meaningful locations can be close to home, too. The key is picking a location that means something to the two of you. It could be as simple as the restaurant where you had your very first date or as elaborate as planning a surprise flight to where the two of you met and studied abroad together.

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3. Pick the ring.
Choosing a ring is another important piece of the proposal equation. If you haven’t had the ring discussion and want to keep the proposal a complete surprise, a trusted friend or parent can be a huge help here. Even if they don’t know your future bride or groom’s preferences, they can be put to work doing some undercover sleuthing for you. If your sweetie is on Pinterest, it’s worth checking for clues there, as well.

4. Make it personal.
Does your girlfriend love going out for a night on the town? Or does she prefer quiet nights in? Let these clues guide you to the perfect proposal! Think about what your significant other loves and incorporate that into your proposal. Maybe that means your proposal will centre on a night out at the theatre or going to see your favourite band play or perhaps it means a quiet weekend camping for just the two of you. No need to complicate things – you already know everything you need to know to plan the perfect proposal.

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5. Capture the proposal.
The moment he or she says yes will be one of the most important in your lives. Hiring a proposal photographer means you’ll be able to share that moment with friends and family for years to come. Capturing your proposal isn’t just for the extroverted among us. Depending on your style, your proposal photographer can remain completely unseen, capturing the proposal quietly from the sidelines, or can be more involved. Added bonus: our team of proposal specialists will be with you helping to plan the details every step of the way and can help with lots of great tips and local suggestions, learned from planning hundreds of proposals. You’ll have your own personal proposal squad cheering you on.

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