1. Rua da Galé

This winding and narrow street in Lisbon’s oldest district boasts buildings with perfect pops of colour. This is a wonderful area to get lost and explore a typical Portuguese neighbourhood… with camera in hand, of course.

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2. Bica

The Bica neighbourhood just might be Lisbon’s most photographed thanks to the iconic Elevador da Bica (Bica Elevator). This historic public transport (this one began running in 1892!) is very common in Lisbon due to the city’s many hills and helps people get from the lower parts of the city to the top of the hills.

The surrounding neighbourhood is known for its nightlife, but Flytographer Ana Lúcia says that it’s in the daylight that the area truly shines, when you can see all the colourful buildings with clothes hanging outside the windows to dry and the many popular tile facades!

3. Beco de São Miguel

Stop in this sweet little alley, also in the Alfama district, for a look at the patron saint of Lisbon, Saint Anthony of Padua, and plenty of colourful garlands strung from above.

4. São Jorge Castle

Get ready to fire up your camera’s panorama function to capture sweeping views of Lisbon when you get to the vantage point of São Jorge Castle. Flytographer Rita says that for this particular photograph, she was drawn to the contrast between the earthy colours of the buildings and the gorgeous pop of jewel tones the curious peacock provides. She says peacocks love bread, so she captured this gorgeous bird’s attention by asking him if he wanted some.

5. Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara

This well-known sightseeing stop is popular for good reason. From here, you can capture incredible views of the rooftops in the downtown Baixa district, as well as the Tagus river. Tip: The lively terrace and stately fountain should provide some prime Boomerang material.

6. Portas do Sol

For postcard-worthy views, Portas do Sol is the place to be. If you have time, it’s worth checking out the view at different times of the day. Try visiting around sunset to see the whole city slowly illuminate after dark.

7. Rua da Rosa

Rua da Rosa, in the central Bairro Alto district, is one of the best places to seek out that perfectly Portuguese tile found all over Lisbon. Did you know that besides being decorative, the tile was also used as a way to keep homes cool?

8. Palácio de São Vicente

Gorgeous doors can be found all over Lisbon. This one belongs to the Palácio de São Vicente. When you’re done Instagramming this beauty, head to the nearby Feira da Ladra, Lisbon’s largest (and oldest) flea market, open on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

9. Sintra

The pastel-hued palaces of Sintra look like they’re straight from a fairytale and the stunning architecture of the National Palace of Pena is any Instagrammer’s dream. From the outside, the imposing palace appears to be constructed out of a hodgepodge of architectural styles, which just means you’ll have plenty of variety for your Instagram snaps.

10. The Lisbon Story Comics by Nuna Saraiva

Just beneath the Portas do Sol viewpoint, you’ll find this colourful comic mural. The comic tells the story of Lisbon’s history in a humorous way all the way from ancient Greek mythology through modern times.

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