Your Vacation Photographers in Miami & Ft Lauderdale: Meet Kristy & Vic

FLYTOGRAPHER | Vacation Photographers in Miami - Kristy & Vic

Kristy & Vic can take shoots of any length in Palm Beach. For Ft Lauderdale & Miami bookings, they do require a 60-minute minimum booking length.

We are a husband and wife photography team that specializes in weddings, portraits and families. We love to capture people being themselves and having fun. We will do almost anything to get a good laugh. The light right before sunset makes us swoon. We have been featured on Borrowed and Blue, The Luxe Pearl and Beauty and Lifestyle Bridal magazine.

Three Things

  1. Our absolute favourite thing to do together is trying new restaurants (like, we really love eating!).
  2. When we are not taking photos, we love to cuddle with our cockapoo puppy, Peanut, and snuggle up on the couch together to watch movies. 
  3. We will dance to almost any song you play for us and we are each other's favourite dance partner.

Favourite Place to Shoot in Florida
Palm Beach  

Languages Spoken
English, Spanish

Customer Love for Kristy & Vic...

"Kristy and Vic were an amazing duo to work with. They truly have the Flytographer eye in Miami. Our photos are by far the best professional photos we have ever have done as a family." - Jennifer 

"Kristy & Vic were amazing! They were so fun and easy to work with.  They captured this very special moment for us just beautifully." - Jessica

"Kristy & Vic were really easy and fun to work with. They are approachable, friendly, they think through the right setting for the shots, and give just the right amount of guidance to capture a great shot while putting you at ease." - Jana

" Kristy and Vic were two of the nicest people, and the photos are gorgeous! It was exactly what we hoped for, we are so pleased." - Barbara