Your Vacation Photographer in Vancouver: Meet Katrina

Meet Katrina

Your Vacation Photographer in Vancouver: Meet Katrina

Katrina is available all over Vancouver for evening and weekend shoots.

***Please note: Katrina is booked March and April 2018.

I am a photographer and social worker living in Vancouver, BC. My style is candid, colourful and full of laughter. My favourite photographs that I have taken are bright and full of expression and emotion. I was born in Victoria on Vancouver Island but am loving the fast pace of the city life here!

Three Things

  1. I traveled to Europe & South Africa as a fashion model in my early 20s. Some may argue that being on the other side of the camera was where my passion for photography started to spark.
  2. I love camping, hiking and traveling. Being outside in the west coast wilderness is both adventurous and therapeutic.
  3. One thing I can't live without is living on the ocean....and maybe lasagna.

Favourite Place to Shoot in Vancouver
Spanish Banks Beach in Point Grey

Languages Spoken

Customer Love for Katrina

"Katrina was extremely professional and accommodating. She is a very reliable contact and we would definitely recommend her!" - Joshua