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Meet Jenn in Tofino

I am a graduate of the Western Academy of Photography. I used to organize ski and snowboard competitions for four ski resorts in BC and Alberta, and I always I find sanctuary adventuring in the great outdoors. The Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains are my favourite playgrounds, but I am also inspired by locations further afield. With my passport stamped on every page, I love to travel and appreciate culture and diversity. 

Three Things

  1. I love to ride bikes up mountains, ski down mountains, and climb up mountains...see a theme? I like mountains :)
  2. I couldn't live without my dog Pika.
  3. I love to make people laugh. I try and not take life too seriously and enjoy the little things.

Favourite Place to Shoot in Tofino

Long Beach

Languages Spoken


More Information

Jenn has a minimum booking length of 60 minutes in Tofino.

Pricing starts at $350 for a 60-minute vacation shoot

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Customer Love for Jenn

"Loved Jenn, she was easy to work with and totally understood what we wanted!!! These are my favourite Flytographer photos yet!" - Lauren

"Jenn, our photographer, was lovely! She made our whole family feel at ease. She knew the best angles at the location, she had so many great ideas and she made the shoot so much fun!" - Elizabeth

"Jenn, was very friendly and made us feel totally at ease in front of the camera. She took us to the most gorgeous bay in Tofino, so we not only got great photos out of the shoot but were also able to do some exploring in a beautiful location."- Allie

"We love working with Jenn in Tofino! This was our second time booking Jenn. We had just as much fun as last year and the photos were just as amazing." - Elizabeth