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Meet Miltos in Santorini

    I am a highly artistic person and I appreciate everything related to art. Photography gave me the chance to turn one of my greatest passions into a career that leaves me fulfilled and accomplished. For that I am thankful, and I try to imprint my emotions in my pictures. All memories aren’t created equal and I want my clients' memories in Santorini to be the most memorable of them all.

Three Things

  1. The thing I most enjoy doing, especially in the winter when the island is deprived of its guests, is taking long walks, not only in the villages but in more isolated, lesser-known parts of Santorini. Those walks help me re-appreciate the beauty of the landscape and by scouting the area, I really get the chance to find new nooks and crannies that I can incorporate into my photography.
  2. No big surprise here, but I couldn't live without my camera. I cherish it as an extension of my arm and being deprived of that is out of the question. One more little thing I couldn't live without is good food. Good food is to be enjoyed with good company and that's a rule I live by.
  3. Well, my friends always tell me that I sometimes talk too much, which is, in fact, true. I am a natural born storyteller and I enjoy long conversations, but that's not necessarily a bad thing! I always give my clients a mini tour of the island which helps them open up a little through small talk, and that makes them feel more comfortable and relaxed during photo sessions.

Favourite Place to Shoot in Santorini

Oia and Imerovigli are my favourites.

Languages Spoken

English, Greek

More Information

Miltos is only available for shoots after 9:00am. He requires a 60-minute minimum for proposals.

Pricing starts at $250 USD for a 30-minute vacation shoot

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Customer Love for Miltos

"Miltos was incredibly professional, personable, and talented. We will cherish the moments he captured of our family forever. I would recommend Flytographer and Miltos to anyone traveling to Santorini! " - Sarah

"Miltos really knew what he was doing. He was a skilled and seasoned photographer who knew the area which I really appreciated. I also learned a lot about the history and current day environment in Greece. It gave me some new perspective, so the session was beyond photography. Thank you for a great experience. Greece is a wonderful destination." - Michelle

"I LOVED working with Miltos - he was friendly and really lovely. His work was professional and I was exceptionally happy with my photos. " - Rebecca

"Miltos was amazing. Our photo shoot was on the windiest day of our vacation. I was stressing because my hair was all over the place and impossible to manage with the wind. I’d been looking forward to family photos with my husband and 3 teenage sons. I thought it was going to be a disaster with the wind. Miltos took control and kept us moving into different poses/shots. My boys had fun and didn’t complain once. (That in and of itself is remarkable because they hate family pictures!!). I was really impressed with the whole experience. Miltos took amazing pictures and we’ll always have remarkable memories. I would highly recommend Miltos!!" - Heidi

"Miltos was incredible. He is thoughtful, kind, patient, and has incredible vision. He far exceeded our expectations. Our photos are stunning and helped create very special memories for years to come. " - Lauren

"Miltos truly made the entire session so much fun and so easy! He provided plenty of direction as well as knowledge about Santorini! We had such a great time and would highly recommend him to anyone. We felt like we made a new friend at the end of it. " - Katie

"Miltos found great locations for our photos. He's also very friendly and personable!" - Jessica

"Miltos was personable, funny, and made our experience one to remember! We loved working with him and hearing about the gorgeous island from someone who knows it so well!" - Elise

"Miltos was professional, friendly, and helped us capture spectacular memories from our trip!" - Emily

"Miltos was amazing! He did a great job of making us feel comfortable and kept things exciting!" - Sydney

"Miltos was such a pleasure to meet and spend time with! He even went above and beyond recommending a place for dinner! He made us feel very comfortable and we love the way our photos turned out!" - Brittany

"Miltos was great! I loved working with someone who knew the area and all the right spots to take the best shots." - Lauren

"If you are traveling to Santorini, you absolutely *must* book Miltos! His passion for photography and providing Greek hospitality are incredible. He went out of his way to show us the island and provide guidance and direction for our shoot (we are shoot newbies!) We were blown away by the quality of the photos when we received them back! Love, love, love our beautifully captured memories." - Mackenzie

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"I am very picky when it comes to good photography and I was beyond pleased with Miltos and his level of work ethic.  He was extremely passionate at getting the best photos possible, even in the busy streets of Oia.  I would recommend him a thousand times over and it was one of the most fun things we did during our trip.  Thank you Miltos, I will treasure these forever!" - Christina

"This has been our second shoot with Flytographer and we cannot be more satisfied! We would definitely recommend Miltos for Santorini, he knows the great hidden gems of the island and is extremely friendly! He managed to let us be comfortable despite the harsh weather (VERY sunny). Thank you Miltos :)" - Siddiqa

"Miltos is great! He is professional and his pictures turned out amazing. He knew where to go and showed us what to do :)" - Erica

"Miltos was great and he made us feel welcomed and comfortable, I would highly suggest him!" - Ankit

"Perfection!!! Miltos is great!! Recommend to everybody! He is so kind!" - Caroline

"Miltos was great! He worked quickly and made the most out of the 30 minute session. We have very stunning, cover ready photos!!" - Shanconna

"We had a wonderful first Flytographer experience. Miltos made us feel very comfortable during the photo shoot. He captured the architecture and views of Santorini perfectly. We are so thrilled with our priceless souvenirs!" - Michelle

"Miltos was amazing to talk to.  We enjoyed our time with him and exchanging our ideas on different cultures. He knows all the good spots for photos and we appreciate him knowing the locals and respecting their boundaries.  Overall it was great and we are very happy to get our photos fast!" - Queenie

"Miltos was so friendly and gave us lots of insiders tips. During the shoot he made us feel comfortable and captured some wonderful photos!" - Ashley

"It was fun shooting with Miltos. We loved our photos :) Thank you again for everything, Miltos." - Pande

"Miltos knew the best routes for us to capture candid shots even during off peak season. During our photoshoot, he was very patient and engaged in conversations with us. It seemed like Miltos was a friend of ours during the entire day. He even went above and beyond to hear us out as far as what shots we would want and helped us to get out of our comfort zone to capture certain shots!" - Diana

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