Your Vacation Photographer in Portland: Meet Grace & Phil

Meet Grace & Phil

For us, there is nothing more exciting than connecting with other happy, adventurous souls! We take on a photojournalist approach in our photography, and emphasize the beauty that comes from natural lighting whenever possible. Our work has been featured in multiple online venues, including Artfully Wed, One to Wed, Aisle Perfect, and Borrowed & Blue.

Three Things

  1. When we're feeling active, we enjoy hiking, camping, yoga, and running half marathons. When we're feeling indulgent, we like to binge watch TV shows and eat French fries.
  2. We cannot envision life without imagination, adventure, and the great outdoors.
  3. The zombie apocalypse is coming…and we are ready.

Favourite Place to Shoot in Portland
Downtown Portland offers an array of textures, landscapes, and attitudes that perfectly captures the essence of this beautifully weird city.

Languages Spoken

Customer Love for Grace & Phil

"Phil and Grace were awesome! With a large group of girls, they were especially patient and flexible with our shoot. Their creative vision radiates during the set-up and throughout the photos. Not only did they ask us if there were any specific shots we wanted, but they had great ideas that turned out to be some of our favorite photos. We're so excited to have these photos that capture exactly what we were hoping for!" - KC

"Grace and Phil were awesome. Not only did they go out of their way to hike to the proposal spot, but they also captured the most amazing photos of our special moment. I can't thank Grace and Phil enough for being so easy to work with and for putting so much effort into making the shoot simple and fun." - CC