Your Vacation Photographer in Montreal: Meet Stefanie

Meet Stefanie

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Stefanie is also available on the North & South shores of the city for longer shoots

Let me tell a story made of little and big moments, of adventures and new beginnings, of wonders and joy, of anything you want it to be - YOUR story in my beautiful Montreal. I live for the candid moments; I aim to capture real connections and laughter!

Three Things

  1. I love my fantastic daughter Maya, red wines, strong black coffee, all vintage things & rock 'n roll! 
  2. I also work as a marketing coordinator for a non-profit organization whose mission is the promotion and valorization of archaeology.
  3. I lived in Essen, Germany for 4 years and traveled a little bit everywhere in the country!

Favourite Place to Shoot in Montreal
The Old Port: waterside, Montreal culture, and English & French heritage architecture all in one place!

Languages Spoken
English, French & German

Customer Love for Stefanie

"Stefanie was very lovely and friendly and helpful. Erica had a really great time and sincerely appreciated the whole experience. [Capturing the bachelorette party] was the perfect activity to do - she lives in Geneva with my brother and doesn't often get to see all her friends, so nice to be able to memorialize it when we're all together." - Julia

"Thank you to Stefanie for all her hard work and dedication to making my proposal so wonderful. It really meant a lot to me and my fiancée, and she did a fantastic job!" - Kevin