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Meet Bree in Los Angeles

I am a lover of all things Los Angeles - the weather, art, culture, entertainment and PEOPLE! More importantly, I love to capture the beauty and varied people, places and things of this lovely city! My style is light, bright and welcoming. Whether it be an editorial, blogger or a couple in love, my images are an easy-going, heartfelt authenticity of the people I capture. 

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    Languages Spoken: English, little bit of Spanish
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    Favourite Place to Shoot: Griffith Park

    "You can get forest, gardens, carousels, Observatory, sunsets, etc there - SO much to see!"

Three Things

  1. I feel like taking photos is always somehow incorporated into whatever I might be doing! I do tend to take out my film cameras for my "fun" excursions hiking, going to museums, exploring a new day trip around LA and dreaming up my next shoot!
  2. My friends tell me I have an irreverent passion for creation and a desire to share and see beauty wherever I go.
  3. I can't live without art! It's the ultimate inspiration and what drives me to create.

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Pricing starts at $350 USD for a 60-minute vacation shoot

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