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Meet Goncalo S. in Lisbon

After 4 years in Paris with Flytographer, I’m back in my hometown of Lisbon! I’m so excited to explore and share my trendy city. I love doing fun Flytographer sessions, as well as fashion and celebrity shoots.

Three Things

  1. I enjoy a good Sunday brunch with family and friends, maybe at some rooftop patio!
  2. I couldn't live without travelling.
  3. I love fashion!

Favourite Place to Shoot in Lisbon

Belem for the light, Miradouro Santa Catarina for the view, but certainly many others…

Languages Spoken

English, Portuguese, French & a bit of Spanish as well

More Information

Pricing starts at $250 USD for a 30-minute vacation shoot

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Customer Love for Goncalo S.

"Goncalo is an exceptional photographer. Our honeymoon trip to charming Lisbon wouldn't have been complete without Goncalo helping us document it in the most magical way. The photos he took of us are amazing, very natural and spontaneous all the while creative, just like we wanted. Although my husband gets nervous from photoshoot, Goncalo made it very easy and fun for us, he definitely exceeded our expectations and we highly recommend him to anyone going to Lisbon." - Tara

"Gonçalo was fantastic, super accommodating and really listened to us when we asked him to get certain things in the background, like figuring out how to get the beautiful carousel in some of our photos! Loved working with Gonçalo and would recommend him to anyone!"- Marie

"Gonçalo was great & very passionate he made it so easy for me. I would definitely recommend him to all my friends & relatives visiting Paris! The whole experience was the cherry on top of my great break in Paris... l am so in love with the pictures already." - Zahra 

"Our photographer Gonçalo did a fabulous job and was very patient with our little guy. We got the photos and are thrilled with the end result." - Liborio

"Our friends and family were absolutely blown away by the pictures. Gonçalo captured exactly what we were looking for, making the pictures look classic and tasteful." - Brian 

"Gonçalo was very, very good, he managed to take great photos of us even when we are very shy and not photogenic." - Arturo

"Gonçalo was amazing! He is a great photographer and made us very comfortable with the shoot getting great pictures of us." - Antonio

"It was our first time using a professional photographer and Goncalo made the experience very comfortable and helped us whenever needed. We had an amazing time." - Gurjit

"Gonçalo was terrific and we are so happy with the photos. It was such a difficult shoot in the heat in Paris but we all came out looking fabulous.  We will never forget this trip, literally, thanks to Gonçalo!" - Lynne

"Gonçalo was great photographer-he made us feel so comfortable and was so fun!  Thank you Gonçalo for such a wonderful experience and for giving us such beautiful memories!" - Krys 

"Gonçalo worked hard to get great shots of all of us for my parent's 50th wedding anniversary. We've had so many compliments on all of our pictures. Thank you for helping make this an extra-special celebration!" - Jim & Clara

"We've just received our photos and are in love with it!! Gonçalo managed to capture all the joy this trip was to us. He was very sweet during the shoot, he did everything he could to make the pictures we were looking for and we had a great time together. The photos are lovely and he capture the moment beautifully. The light is soft and warm, and the colours wonderful." - Bruna

"We had a great time spending our evening with Gonçalo. He was very open to our ideas, but also gave us enough direction to get some great shots. It was especially nice to interact with a local Parisian who could share the ins and outs of the city with us (and could recommend an AMAZING place for dinner!)" - Sonia

"We had a great time with Gonçalo- he was super with our kids and helping us pose properly ... he made an amazing end to our European vacation ... I'm in love with the pictures. They are all amazing!" - Nicole

"Our photographer Gonçalo did a great job with us getting the shots that we wanted. The photos captured us well and are a wonderful remembrance of our time in Paris celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary." - Deborah 

"Gonçalo went above and beyond for us. He was great. We loved our shoot and the photos came out superb!" - David

"Gonçalo was so friendly and spent his time taking our pictures and helping us pose since it was our first time taking professional photographers. I look forward to looking back at our wonderful pictures for years to come."- Allyson

"We're so awkward in front of the camera and to be honest we were jet-lagged, tired and worried on the shoot but Gonçalo was so chill, put us at ease and snapped away! We're stunned by the photos and absolutely delighted about the keepsake we get to have from this trip! Thank you Gonçalo!" - Rachel

"Gonçalo was super nice and friendly. We had to change venue due to weather conditions but the place he recommended was excellent. It was in the morning, where it is still very quiet with not many people. Gonçalo was very easy going and gives good directions for you to follow." - Lin

"I don't even know where to start, It was AMAZING I loved my session with Goncalo, he is professional, friendly and warm he is great directing and is just GREAT, I'm really happy I had the best travel photos ever." - Eduardo

"Our shoot with Gonçalo was set on a romantic foggy morning in Montmartre.  Despite that we'd never taken professional photographs, he immediately made us feel comfortable and relaxed.  Nothing was too contrived or overly planned, we just followed along a route that felt natural as we weaved around the early morning Sacré-Cœur tourists." - Kayla

"Gonçalo, was amazing! He really made us feel comfortable and was great with our two toddlers. He managed to get beautiful pictures despite one of our boys being on the verge of tears the whole time because he was cold - I'm still not sure how Gonçalo got smiles out of him.... I am SO happy with our pictures!"- Katie 

"Gonçalo was amazing! For a couple who is very awkward in front of the camera, he did a great job at helping us relax to get the perfect photos." - Shannon

"Gonçalo was full of suggestions and made sure we had many different shots. I was super uncomfortable in front of the camera but Gonçalo made sure we just had fun and laughed the whole time." - Daniel

"Gonçalo makes you feel comfortable and at ease right off the bat so that by the time you've finished shooting with him, you feel like you're with a friend and not just someone you met an hour ago." - Lan

"Gonçalo was unforgettable! His fun-loving attitude and knowledge of the area made our session one of my favorite memories of our honeymoon. He has such a talent and we are so glad to have met and worked with him!" - Sarah

"We couldn’t have asked for a better person & photographer to capture our special time in Paris. Gonçalo made us feel super comfortable and we had a great time. He made our trip!"- Natelee

"Gonçalo was amazing. He took a couple who aren't particularly comfortable in front of the camera and got some wonderful shots. They are literally the best photos we have us from 20 years of marriage." - Jennifer

"Gonçalo instantly made us comfortable engaging with the kids and making sure that our photos captured the love and the happiness we all felt on this amazing trip!  Along with the sights, this was an absolute highlight of our trip." - Amanda

"Gonçalo was a rock star. He provided us with not only a beautiful way to capture this special 50th birthday trip for my husband, but also the most beautiful pictures we have of the two of us together. I can't recommend this experience more!" - Karen

"We had a blast shooting with Gonçalo in Paris! The shots he took were incredible. Every image truly captured the magic of our relationship and the City of Lights." - Jaimi (see blog post here)

"I was a bit nervous looking at the gorgeous pictures you have posted online.  I wasn't quite sure if my family would look as happy and comfortable. We just viewed our gallery and VOILA! Gonçalo's photos were amazing!  He made us feel comfortable and kept us laughing.  I have never seen such beautiful pictures of my family!" - Renee

"We went to Paris to celebrate our first marriage anniversary and taking the pictures was the best idea we could ever have - they really are our best souvenir.  In the beginning, it was a little bit awkward but the photographer made us feel very comfortable and suddenly we were posing for the camera naturally. Gonçalo was very nice, on time and let us make suggestions! We are very happy with the photos and definitely will recommend Flytographer to everyone we know!"  — Alejandra & Julio (see blog post here)

"We knew in advance the photos were going to be good, but the job Gonçalo did is beyond perfection. My brother and I couldn't be more grateful: now we have the perfect souvenir for our fantastic weekend in Paris! Gonçalo was amazing. It's so evident that he loves his work and he is such a professional. We did have a lot of fun during the session with him!" — Ioatzin

"The session went by quickly, and it felt like we were hanging out in Paris with a good friend, which made the shoot a comfortable and enjoyable experience. In fact, the shoot was a real highlight in our Paris trip - it was such fun!   The photos are gorgeous, and were delivered so quickly that we were watching through them on the computer before we'd unpacked our bags.  We will be recommending Flytographer to everyone we know - and I hope that we'll be booking another Flytographer session again soon ourselves." — Bryan and Chelsea (see blog post here)

"I'm so glad I came across Flytographer's website prior to our journey to Paris. Not only was this the best souvenir, but I didn't have to come home with only selfies of us. It's such a great idea and I would pay to do it again. Our photographer Gonçalo was great with us. He definitely captured some memorable moments! Thank you Flytographer!"  — Zabrina and Michael

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