Your Vacation Photographer in Budapest: Meet Dana

Meet Dana

Your Vacation Photographer in Budapest: Meet Dana

Dana is also available to shoot in Vienna for minimum 60-minute bookings and a small travel fee. Please inquire.

Two things I have always loved: getting lost in a good book and watching the world around me. My love of a good story and being naturally observant made being a photographer the obvious choice for me (after my childhood dream of being a spy never quite panned out). I have photographed for the Chicago Tribune, in addition to other Chicago publications.

Three Things

  1. I studied painting in college and believe the study of colour and light apply perfectly to the medium of photography!  
  2. I’m a life-long learner and chronic class-taker. I’ve tried my hand at everything from fiddle and wheel-throwing to letterpress and roller derby.
  3. I love experimenting in the kitchen. I have brewed my own beer and kombucha, cured my own charcuterie, and can make great cocktails, but I am all thumbs when it comes to bread making.

Favourite Place to Shoot in Budapest 
I love the castle district for its cobblestone streets and beautiful views.

Languages Spoken

Customer Love for Dana

"Working with Dana was such an easy, comfortable experience and we couldn't be happier with how the photos turned out!" - Marisa

"Dana was awesome! She was so friendly and warm. We really enjoyed our photo session with her and the photos are absolutely amazing! Taking photos with Dana was definitely the best choice!" - Grace

"Dana, was so helpful. The whole experience was smooth; especially since we were not familiar with Budapest. The final photos are great! It was a cloudy day, but it turns out the photos are awesome!" - Andrew

"I cannot thank Dana enough for capturing such beautiful photos from our vacation in Budapest. She was so fun to work with and instantly made everyone feel at ease." - Sarah

"FANTASTIC!!!! Dana was wonderful to work with and it was a pleasure. She was knowledgeable, friendly and put us at ease from the very start! I joked with her that we wanted one good photo....and she gave us so many to choose from! Can't wait to visit other countries and pretend to be models again!" - Rachela

"It was a very nice experience. Dana did a great job taking amazing pictures of us and making us feel very comfortable during the entire shoot!" - RM

"We just had our family photos taken by Dana in Vienna and could not be more pleased with the entire experience. Dana managed to capture beautiful photos, which is no small feat with our 7 & 4 year old sons and baby daughter. I can't wait to use your service again." - Catie

"Dana was so much fun and had so much energy. She took some amazing photos of us despite the rain." - Penni

"Our Flytographer session was fantastic. Thirteen of us came together from across Canada and met in Vienna. We had a fantastic time and are so pleased with how the photos turned out. Thanks to Dana, the memories we will all have are priceless. She was so accommodating and patient with our crazy group." - Pamela

"Dana made us feel super comfortable and we looked like naturals in front of the camera thanks to her. Besides being a great photographer, Dana was also a wonderful tour guide. Her recommendations on food and night life were spot on." - Aleeza

"Please send Dana our sincerest thanks for capturing some gorgeous pictures from our time in Budapest. We had so much fun and are so pleased with the results." - Kim